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In 2000, Edit House Productions, LLC began its journey as a television production facility in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Initially rooted as a humble home-based business, Edit House quickly grew to include the full-service advertising agency we now call Ad House Advertising.

25 years later, Edit House Productions has developed into the local leader in television production. Our facility offers a full studio package, 4K production multi-camera production, sound, grip equipment, podcasting, animation, and post-production—plus, the skilled technicians and artists to make your project come to light. We offer many related services, including:

  • Small Business Video Production
  • Documentary Production

  • Color Correcting and Animation

Award-Winning TV Commercials

Commercial Video Production

Increase Regional Awareness with Compelling TV Commercials

Full-Service Production

Our studio and 4K cameras offer 6008 x 3168 screen resolution. Add professional post-production and you have quality!

Extras Castings

With an impressive stable of talented actors, we can deliver content that communicates and sells.

Focus Groups

Find out how to drive more business by utilizing focus groups for your project. You’d be surprised what you learn.


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Energy Generation

Commercial Production Solutions in Rio Rancho, NM

Edit House Productions looks at commercial, long-format, and documentary production as a solution to a particular problem. Your project has a purpose and it’s up to us to determine what that purpose is and deliver a production that warms the heart or sells the sizzle! Our first question to you will probably be: “What do you want people who see your project to think, feel, and do when they see your project?” Because what we know is that people think they make decisions with their brains, but they really make decisions with their hearts—their emotions. Edit House Productions delivers those emotions, straight to the viewer. You see, the people at Edit House Productions stand for excellent work in video production. Yes we boast a track record of prestigious awards such as Addy Awards, Telly Awards, and International Aurora Awards. But, we are more than just a production company; we are storytellers and visionaries dedicated to creating compelling narratives that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact.

One of our notable projects includes an exciting documentary chronicling the journey through the rigorous 68th Recruitment School of the New Mexico State Police. Through powerful storytelling and immersive visuals, we shed light on the challenges, triumphs, and the personal growth of new recruits.

Venturing beyond borders, we embarked on an emotional 30-minute documentary shot entirely on location in the heart of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Delving into the rich tapestry of culture, wildlife, and human resilience, we transported viewers to the heart of Africa, offering a rare glimpse into its untamed beauty and challenges that religious organizations face in the Congo.

Moreover, Edit House Productions had the privilege of undertaking a worldwide documentary production commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 17 moon landing, featuring insights from Dr. Harrison Schmitt. Through hours-long research, cinematic storytelling, and cutting-edge production techniques, we celebrated this historic milestone and inspired audiences to reach for the stars.

At Edit House Productions, our dedication to quality, creativity, and storytelling excellence is unmatched. With each project, we strive to surpass expectations, elevate narratives, and leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of viewers worldwide.

Online Video Ads

We call it OTT or Streaming! Through our Programmatic Partner, we can place your advertisement directly in front of your audience.

Social Media Ads

Videos, Images, Carousels– you name it and we can place it on the social platform that makes sense for your product or service.

Promotional Videos

Designed to engage and educate, let Edit House design and execute your next promotional video.

Connect Locally, Thrive Regionally

Reach Your Audience with Localized Radio Commercials

Our team crafts messages that resonate with your regional market’s interests and values, ensuring your brand stands out. Whether you’re a small business or a regional brand, we’re here to help you reach your audience effectively.