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Marketing Case Studies From Our Clients

Thanks for your interest in our marketing case studies. We’ve been in advertising and marketing for more than 30 years, so there’s hardly a business category we haven’t experienced.

From automotive dealerships to retail, eCommerce to service industriesB2B and recruitment, we approach each client’s individual needs and create custom campaigns. From digital advertising, traditional mass media, web development to graphic design, we’re a team of full-time staff creating highly effective marketing.

We’re happy to provide client names and numbers if you’d like to see what it’s like to work with us and the type of results we’ve produced. In addition, visit the pages here on our website to see portfolio work and to read a few case studies.


Law Enforcement

Our recruiting campaigns for law enforcement agencies have dramatically increased the number of applicants, allowing agencies to have a more highly-qualified pool of applicants and to increase their graduation numbers. Digital ads were shown to finely-segmented prospective candidates. For law enforcement agencies with online applications, our campaigns brought 35% more applicants to the initial interest card or application.

Service Company

Senior Home Care

Some might question if digital ads would create leads in a business vertical that focuses on adults 65+. Today, approximately 75% of US adults 65 and older use the internet. And since inquiries about senior home care might be the senior or their adult child, digital marketing works very well. As with all digital campaigns, the budget can be directed to only those in-market, thus omitting an audience that’s not interested.

Service Company

Professional Organization

Sometimes a problem is so big, you don’t know where to begin. Such was the case for the original website for the New Mexico Medical Society (NMMS). It was a 10-year-old Drupal site, with no administrative access to core components; it did not allow member log-ins or payment for annual membership renewals, registration for an annual conference, or the disbursement of CEU credits to members. All of that was being processed by hand. Our rebuild allowed online payments and event registration as well.

Retail Company


Sometimes a crazy idea leads to amazing things. Many auto dealerships today are owned by corporate giants; they produce one TV commercial that will run in all their cities or states, then tag it with the local company name and address. In Albuquerque, the Melloy Dodge dealership has been owned and operated by the same family for more than 60 years. As a locally-owned business, they support the high school teams, reinvest in the community, and bend over backwards to help car buyers find the right solution for their transportation needs.

Service Company

Home Improvement

We have a number of clients in home improvement fields and regularly generate the majority of their leads. A window and door replacement company came to us after having spent thousands in pay-per-click with their web developer/marketing expert. Comparing the results from our first quarter working with the company to the prior agency, we nearly doubled the conversion rate, while reducing the cost per conversion (contact forms and phone calls only) by more than 100%.

Professional Services


Traditional media has changed greatly in the last few years, because the marketplace has changed. People don’t watch TV the same way; satellite-delivered music competes with terrestrial radio; newspaper readership is declining.  We think advertisers should know two key things about traditional media today: first, there is still value in prudent use of broadcast TV and sometimes, hard-wired cable and satellite delivered commercials, radio and other traditional mediums. 

Professional Services


Several years ago, we introduced a leading LASIK surgeon to our digital campaigns. Previously, they’d purchased digital packages from local TV stations and not seen results for the dollar, so the marketing manager was skeptical of online marketing. Two months into our campaign, she was a believer!

Entertainment Services


Businesses in the entertainment industry focus on creating a brand that conveys fun, excitement, and accessibility. For a small casino property, we created a new website with dynamic content that showcases the month’s promotion and the next several day’s activities or offers.