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Home Improvement Marketing

We have a number of clients in the home improvement fields and regularly generate the majority of their leads. A window and door replacement company came to us after having spent thousands in pay-per-click with their web developer/marketing expert. Comparing the results from our first quarter working with the company to the prior agency, we nearly doubled the conversion rate, while reducing the cost per conversion (contact forms and phone calls only) by more than 100%.

One of our favorite stories is a fire and flood restoration company that came to us in 2013, on the verge of closing. They’d been using an out-of-state home improvement marketing “Adwords specialist” but the leads had dwindled so much, their four employees were about to be let go. After building a simple website designed to work with digital ads, we began a focused online ad campaign.

Within 2 years, this company had grown to about 30 employees. Today, they’ve got 50 employees in that company, formed another company with about 20 employees, and have purchased their own commercial building.