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Ad-Endum: Interpreting the Jargon

In advertising, we oftentimes use industry jargon that can be very confusing to most people. We use acronyms like CPM, CPC, SEO, PPC and DMA. We say things like Cume, Frequency, and Gross Rating Points, and for the business owner, it can be very difficult to decipher what’s being said and what actions need to be taken for effective marketing.

Most business owners receive countless calls from salespeople in radio, television, billboard, phone directories, and a slew of other media, telling them why they not only need to advertise, but why their particular product is best and that they should be spending all of their advertising dollars with them. They use confusing terminology and sometimes they don’t even use it correctly.

Unless you’ve worked in the advertising or media industry, it’s likely that you have questions about much of that terminology, as well as how it applies to you and your business. That’s why we invite you to call or email us for a comprehensive Media Glossary with hundreds of media terms and their explanations. It's one of our series of Ad-Endums, overviews of various media's strengths and what every business owner should know.

We'll interpret the terminology for you and answer your questions on what IS a good marketing fit for your company. Every day, we create campaigns that maximize our clients' ad dollars. Whether it’s through targeted PPC ads that help you reach active shoppers or ads that reach likely prospects, pay-per-click is as cost-effective as advertising gets. (Interpretation: we help your website be dominant when people Google your product or service.)

Interpreting all the jargon is one of the many reasons to consider hiring an advertising agency to handle your media and marketing. Another reason is that not only can we actually help you grow your business, but we work with ALL of the stations, creating business-focused campaigns (instead of company-focused sales packages). We buy radio, billboard, TV, print, online, direct mail or any other media that makes the most sense for each client. We give you the best bang for your buck and create long-term marketing goals within your budget. We also get discounts on air time from those same radio and television stations that are offering you their ‘best price.’ (Interpretation: unlike media salespeople, we're not selling only what's in that company's menu. We're evaluating every available media, and negotiating rates for it, to build the best plan for each business owner.)

But just in case you really want to know what all of those advertising words mean, we’ll provide you with that glossary of advertising terms when you give us a call. Knowledge is power, especially when it involves advertising.

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