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Ad House Visits the GooglePlex for the 2014 Google AdWords Community Summit

This week Ad House Advertising owner Ed Smith and Online Marketing Manager Ryan Smith visited the GooglePlex in Mountain View, California for the annual Google AdWords Community Summit. This is Ad House’s third visit to the Google campus.

The invitation-only Google AdWords Community Summit brings digital advertising influencers from around the world together to discuss trends in online marketing and look to the innovations that Google is developing at their headquarters. This year businesses and consultants from Egypt, Wales, Lithuania, the UK, and more were represented, as well as a host of domestic partners.

The organizers of the Summit hosted workshops on Google Analytics, remarketing techniques, increasing the effectiveness of pay-per-click advertising, best practices, policy, and more. Ed and Ryan were able to network with others in the field and share key insights into what we do. Among the 30 or so Google Partners invited to attend the Summit, Ad House was the only in-house and full-service advertising agency, creating video, graphics, print, and radio ads in addition to digital efforts.

The insights gained at the Summit have allowed us to further develop a keen awareness of the future of digital marketing and to begin to anticipate coming changes in the field. We like to stay on top of the trends here at Ad House Advertising, so continued participation and development is a key part of our workflow. One exciting addition to the Google AdWords toolbox that Ed and Ryan got hands-on experience with at the Summit is the new Outranking Share metric. This metric will allow us to effectively visualize and chart the rate at which our client’s search ads rank against their competitor’s.

We’re excited to once again look to the future with Google and put our increased knowledge of their complex systems to work for the benefit of our clients. If you have questions about online advertising or are interested in starting a campaign, give us a call to discuss the details about what digital ads can do for your business!

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