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Engage Your Ideal Audience on YouTube

With the help of the internet, new advertising landscapes are being created all the time. Increasing your audience, using your budgets wisely, and participating in the ever-changing media landscape provide your business with a boost, not just in visibility, but in meaningful engagement. YouTube video advertising is one of the most potent forms of advertising to and connecting with a wide spectrum of users. Ad House Advertising is uniquely equipped to help businesses develop effective video advertising campaigns on this platform. As New Mexico’s first Google Partner business (YouTube is a subsidiary of Google), we understand the nuance of the platform.

On staff we also have Ryan Smith, who is Google certified in Video, not to mention that our parent company, Edit House, was the first in the state to develop video in HD and has a longstanding reputation of producing high quality commercial material. Always hard at work at Edit House is Matt Smith, our multi-award winning editor who fine tunes videos to the perfect pitch for your unique audience. With our expansive expertise, we have the ability to create powerful YouTube advertising material. Ready to share content with consumers who are motivated, engaged, and accessible everywhere? Let Ad House Advertising help maximize your advertising spend with YouTube InStream advertising.

Advertising on YouTube takes the shape of short commercials displayed before, after, or during other video content. This is what has been dubbed “InStream” advertising. InStream advertising creates unique opportunities, because consumers must choose to watch it. What this means is that you never pay for a video that isn’t watched, and when you connect with a customer, it is a substantial connection. These are possibilities that just don’t exist when it comes to traditional television, and with one billion unique YouTube users every month, you are just as likely to connect with a vast number of individuals, and its available 24 hours a day.

Like other forms of online advertising, InStream advertising on Google allows us to target an ideal audience with your brand. We’re able to zero in on customers based on demographics like age, gender, and even what they’ve illustrated an interest in. This means that you’re reaching customers with material that has utility, and is more relevant to them, and hence, boosting your ROI. Video advertising isn’t limited to any specific device, and mobile YouTube ads have proven to be just as effective as those displayed on desktop. The ability to move seamlessly across devices is essential for maintaining a competitive edge in the ever-changing world of technology and digital advertising


Ready to create online video advertising that informs and entertains? How about targeting that message to audiences that share your passion? Start a conversation with your ideal customer through advertising that resonates, created by an advertising agency that want to see you succeed. Let’s start the new year off right- get in touch with us today!

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