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The Advantages of Responsive Web Design

The landscape of technology is changing as mobile phone web browsing and tablet usage continues to grow in popularity and more and more people favor these devices as opposed to their laptop or desktop computers. As smartphone and tablet adoption increases, so does the importance of developing websites that are mobile friendly, and in essence, adapting your approach to web design and user experience. Ad House Advertising has been developing websites that utilize responsive web design for many years, having effectively predicted this trend in use. We optimize our websites for increased functionality on mobile- including tap to call function, scalability, and adaptive screen size and pixel resolution.

So, what is responsive web design? Responsive web design is an approach to site layout and coding that provides the optimal user experience, regardless of how the site is being viewed- whether it is on a desktop, a cell phone, or a tablet. This approach to web design and development provides an increased ease when it comes to reading and exploring the content, with minimal resizing, panning, and scrolling.

The increasing popularity of mobile web browsing has been illustrated in numerous studies, and mobile sales have recently eclipsed desktop. Additionally, in the near future mobile search will likely also trump searches performed on traditional computers. For this reason, mobile friendly websites are absolutely essential for all businesses and organizations in order to capture every possible customer, instead of alienating them with a poorly designed website. Alongside mobile advertising, responsive web design has the power to expand your audience and client base.

In addition to the power of responsive web design to boost your user engagement, better your user experience, and, as a result, significantly increase your ROI, responsive websites designed by Ad House are easy to maintain and cost effective. As opposed to creating two separate websites- one for mobile and one for desktop- responsive web design means that you only have to maintain one SEO campaign and update the content of one website. Managing a single, responsive website also means that you only have to pay for the design and hosting of a single website, which can save you substantial amounts of money. Utilizing responsive web design enhances all of your efforts and focuses the attention of your users more meaningfully.

Ad House Advertising is the only advertising business in New Mexico to be certified as a Google Partner, and as such, we know what search engines prioritize. Google has publicly stated that responsive web design is an industry best practice, and with 67% of search market share, following the guidelines that Google sets forth is important. Ready to develop a fully responsive website that has the power to increase your traffic and sales without increasing your time spent on maintenance and development? We are too! Get in touch to start your new web design project today.

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