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Building a Landing Page that Converts

Maybe you’ve already created a full digital marketing campaign complete with search, display, and Facebook ads. Maybe you’ve even employed dynamic remarketing and your website is climbing the ranks in organic search results. You’ve got a good start, but these things are primarily meant to help drive a conversion, so it is essential that you have a landing page that converts. While you might be getting a lot of traffic, keep in mind that the purpose of that traffic is to create meaningful action on the part of consumers. So, how do you build a landing page that converts? Ad House Advertising is in the business of creating measurable success for our clients, so we have all the details on what moves your audience to conversion.

While there are tons of elements that contribute to the success of your website in converting visitors-messaging, angle, variation among audience, the product, and more- there are several things that always, always, help to create worthwhile conversions among customers. One of the unifying elements that characterizes a successful landing page is the use of effective headlines. The headline of your webpage is the first thing that visitors to your landing page see, so it must be compelling! Keep in mind, if you need help with the development of your website and its messaging- we can help you with that! Make sure your landing page’s headline is succinct, but grabs attention and informs the user.

So, you’ve captured first the click of a visitor and you’ve got their attention with your headline- now what? In conjunction with a strong headline, it is important to have a persuasive subheadline that supports it. Keep the focus of your visitor and drive the point home by taking the concept of the headline and giving it more depth. Knowing your audience and what is valuable about your product is helpful in crafting the perfect subheadline.

Did you know that the brain processes images much more quickly than text? As such, the importance of clean, compelling graphic design and imagery is important to add to the user experience and boost the credibility of your site. Make sure that you are incorporating high quality design, and high resolution images into your landing page to inform and inspire your visitors.

Developing a landing page that has these attributes will help boost the ROI that you see on all of your digital advertising and pay-per-click endeavors. Working alongside a well-designed and user friendly website with a clear focus and strong call to action will add to the success of your business. Want to take some of the guesswork out of your web design and online advertising? Get in touch with us at Ad House for a free consultation.

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