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Studies Show that Drivers Still Prefer AM/FM Radio

A recent study conducted by Ipsos of several thousand American adults has turned up some interesting information about AM/FM radio sentiment- that drivers like it just the way it is. In an era of constant innovation and emphasis on going digital, it may come as a surprise that 84% of Americans still regularly listen to broadcast radio while driving, and 99% of drivers don’t want to see any changes to the standard design or functionality of in-car AM/FM radios.

Ad House Advertising has consistently crafted strong broadcast radio messages for area businesses and is savvy about related media buying. Ipsos’s most recent study confirms what we’ve always known- that radio advertising is still effective.

AM/FM radios have long been standard in cars, but the development of satellite radios like Sirius XM Radio or Pandora were hypothesized to overtake traditional radio in popularity, yet, most respondents to the survey were four times as likely to listen to AM/FM radio than satellite radio. The survey also clearly indicated that radio is far and away the most popular audio entertainment for drivers, with CD players being 20 points behind.

For its ease of use, convenience, and familiarity, American drivers are still actively listening to radio. For businesses, this means that expanding your advertising efforts to include on-air radio advertising can provide valuable returns.

Yet, consumers don’t just want traditional radio either, as the study indicates, they want all of the options- AM/FM radio, satellite radio, CD players, and increasingly, plug-ins for smartphones. People communicate, share information, and absorb media on many platforms these days, and your advertising strategy should be just as expansive. At Ad House Advertising we work hard to structure comprehensive advertising and communications campaigns that encompass all viable arenas. Ready to reach more people and find your ideal audience? Get in touch with the Google certified experts at Ad House.

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