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Google Fights Back! - Robocall Scammers

No one appreciates phone scams, especially small businesses, but there seems to be new trends with phone scams every month. More recently, robocalls have been on the rise. Robocalls are usually recorded messages that play back when you answer the phone. Oftentimes they will claim to be from Google and try to sell marketing services or have other schemes. As posted on Google’s website in association with the Safety Center, Google does not make recorded phone calls unless they were requested by the user.

Edit House Productions, LLC and Ad House Advertising want to help break the cycle of robocall scammers and help protect other in the community from becoming a victim to these scams. The first step in protecting yourself against robocalls is knowing how to recognize one. The second step is knowing how to handle the call. In regards to the Google robocall scams:

By understanding these facts and knowing your resources when it comes to protecting yourself from robocall scams, you can help spread awareness of this issue, help track the frequency and content of these calls, and prevent others from being affected as well.

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