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Online Exposure or Invisibility?

There’s never been a more important time to pay attention to your online presence than now.

And the same will be true in a week, a month and next year. The point is: putting off building a new website or updating your online information is only making your business incrementally harder for your potential customers to find.

Now that Google Places have merged into Google+ Local pages, business owners have more opportunity with the new platform to position themselves. This is vitally important because Google+ Local pages will be indexed. That offers huge potential, IF you use it!! Think of the additional SEO (search engine optimization) that will allow.

Because these pages will index, the companies that master this new platform will be able to push competitors who don’t put any emphasis on online marketing further and further down the page. And if you’re not in the first two pages of Google, or any of the other much smaller market-share search engines, you are practically non-existent on the web, almost impossible for a customer to find in organic online searches.

Google+ Local offers improved customer reviews, plus more photos and videos, among other features. Google also hints that more things will be coming soon, offering better sharing and social media interactions. For more info, read this Google & Business Blog.

It’s not easy for a business owner to keep up with everything that’s changing so fast in online marketing. If we can help you with that marketing challenge, call us. We’re focused on website development that’s keyword-rich and pay-per-click or PPC-ready; on targeted PPC campaigns that help deliver new customers; and on helping clients benefit from effective online marketing and on-air campaigns. Ad House Advertising is the only New Mexico company that's a Google AdWords Certified Partner, and we’ll be happy to share some case studies, and create a custom internet marketing plan for your company or organization.

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