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But Have You Done "X"?

There are literally thousands of types of retail and service businesses, and new ideas crop up every day. Whether you're a B2B or B2C company, you're selling something to someone. Your key competition may be local or may be internet-based and located thousands of miles away.

So, how important is it to find an advertising agency and marketing company that has experience in the exact product or service that you're selling?

Sometimes we're asked by a prospective Ad House client, "Have you done advertising for ______?" It might be tire repair, a funeral home, an attorney, a restaurant, or a business service such as accounting, office leases or commercial cleaning.

At Ad House, we'd say it's more important that your ad agency have solid experience and understanding of what drives your prospective client's behavior than it is if they've created advertising in that very specific category.

For example, in the case of an attorney specializing only in disability claims, it's more important for an ad agency to have a solid track record of growth in business to consumer behavior and in marketing professional services than it is to have created ads for a disability attorney.

Our company principals each have more than 30 years of advertising experience, so we've likely produced work in most business categories. If you're reviewing which agency might be a good partner for your business, explore how well the agency understands your business need, not just whether their demo reel includes your business segment.

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