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Ryan oversees our online clients' accounts, and is our lead web developer...

Ryan oversees everything "web" at Ad House, from website development to online marketing management. He's been building websites and programming for more than a decade, and an encryption program he wrote once had the interest of the U.S. Air Force! Ryan's been with Ad House since 2010. With all 4 certifications in each Google area (Search, Display, Advanced Video Advertising, and Reporting/Analysis), he says digital advertising combines his love of computer science with his fascination with statistics. He has been invited to the Google campus several times since his December 2013 livestream presentation on the convergence of traditional and digital advertising to other global digital ad agencies and recently presented a live Google webinar on Tag Manager to digital agencies around the world.

Edit House Productions, LLC, and sister company Ad House Advertising, hosted two experienced journalists on September 11th and 18th, 2015 for a job shadowing experience. The journalists, Kristina Jackunaite and Sandugash Kenzhebayeva, visited the United States from Lithuania and Kazakhstan through a program called Global Ties ABQ.

Recently, a well-known international digital agency pitched a client of ours, who shared their proposal with us, showing the estimated ad impressions and clicks to their website.

Modern digital marketing campaigns are multi-faceted and can become very complex and disjointed. Businesses managing their own social media marketing campaigns, website optimization, search ads, and display ads often tend to treat all of these as separate entities. Yet, approaching online advertising holistically, with the help of a full service advertising agency, can inform your efforts in each arena, and ultimately boost performance across the board. One way in which to do this is to use information gained through analytics on search data to inform the search engine optimization and keywording of your website. Ad House Advertising prides itself on the ability to meaningfully interpret analytics data and use those insights to produce meaningful gains.

Thursday, 26 February 2015 00:00

Building a Landing Page that Converts

Maybe you’ve already created a full digital marketing campaign complete with search, display, and Facebook ads. Maybe you’ve even employed dynamic remarketing and your website is climbing the ranks in organic search results. You’ve got a good start, but these things are primarily meant to help drive a conversion, so it is essential that you have a landing page that converts. While you might be getting a lot of traffic, keep in mind that the purpose of that traffic is to create meaningful action on the part of consumers. So, how do you build a landing page that converts? Ad House Advertising is in the business of creating measurable success for our clients, so we have all the details on what moves your audience to conversion.

Thursday, 19 February 2015 00:00

Positioning a New Product

The Issue: Fiat was returning to the United States in 2011 after a hiatus of nearly 30 years. As a new dealership selling a car many people had never seen or heard of, Fiat of Albuquerque had to develop awareness of the sporty little car and create consumer demand.

Our Approach: We began with a grand opening launch, including a radio remote, TV news coverage, newspaper articles, and a well-attended ribbon-cutting.

TV commercials were made that showcased the car’s sporty profile and focused on two primary messages: the vast amount of included features and the car’s excellent gas mileage, all within a very reasonable price point.

Occasional radio traffic sponsorships highlighted its solution as a perfect commuter car, and appearances at targeted public events allowed people who were unfamiliar with the Fiat to get acquainted.

Pay-per-click ads have primarily been conquest-driven ads, targeting people looking at similar but more-well-known makes. Online efforts also include social media management, which has provided excellent “shares” and growth in followers, and a strategic reputation management effort to build real-customer online reviews and respond to any posted concerns.

The Results: Fiat sales have met goals, and in some months have greatly exceeded them. Our hands-on management of their co-op program has led to corporate feedback that we "use every co-op dollar to the max, probably the best of any agency handling a Fiat dealer."

Wednesday, 18 February 2015 00:00

Making Recruitment Cost Efficient

The Issue: In late 1999, the New Mexico State Police Academy faced the potential loss of $1 million dollars. They were not recruiting enough cadets to regularly hold their training Academy, therefore not generating new officers to replace those who retired or left the agency.

Our Approach: After developing an understanding of the unique qualities that an officer must have to excel in this elite law enforcement agency, we restructured their advertising and outreach campaigns. Media buys became much more targeted; the TV and radio commercials were created to appeal to these particular prospects; and materials developed for job fairs at military bases and other venues. A documentary was produced, following the rigorous military-style training during one 18-week academy, which further helped bring the most-qualified recruits into the program and pre-screen those likely to drop out.

Over the years, we have added online marketing, including Search, Display and Video ads. These reach various geographies and targets, and the information we gain from those results has also led to adjustments in the use of traditional media.

Public relations activities have included numerous radio interviews, open house events, promotional materials, and social media.

The Results: Today, the Training and Recruiting Bureau of the New Mexico State Police credit Ad House Advertising as their recruiting department, returning an officer to law enforcement duties instead of being assigned to the recruitment marketing role. In recent years, the number of applicants is double what it was when we began, allowing the agency to select the top candidates, those most aligned with the agency’s focus on tradition, pride and honor.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015 00:00

Improving Website Rank with Original Content

West Wood Realty came to Ad House Advertising in the summer of 2013, concerned about a recent slip in online ranking after having launched a new WordPress website not long before, and a contact form that was not functioning. After fixing the contact form issue, we discovered that their slip in ranking was likely caused by having no original content on the new site at all. It was simply pulling content from a regional property listing database, causing West Wood to be punished by search engines for duplicate content. We advised them to be the primary source of their own content and began creating a new, fully responsive Joomla website with original, relevant content for the property listings.

Before our new site was launched, traffic to the West Wood Realty website was about 50 visitors per week, with an average visit duration of one minute, an average of less than 3 pages per visit, and a bounce rate of 44%.

After the first 6 weeks following the launch of our new site, visits to their site had increased to more than 175 per week. The average time on site had grown from 1 minute to more than 5.5 minutes per visit, with an average of 4 pages per visit. The bounce rate was down to 10%. They also had a large increase in returning visitors to the site, another strong indicator of usability among very interested prospective buyers. The initial quality score for the original site was 54; less than 6 months later, it had grown to 72.

In the months since launch, their new site continues to see positive results and an increase in ranking by search engines, as well as a user-friendly platform that they can manage themselves. This goes to show what a well created website with original content can do!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015 00:00

Generating Home Buyer Leads

EXP realty cpc Graph

Rich Cederberg of EXP Realty came to Ad House Advertising in the summer of 2013 for an online pay-per-click campaign. After the real estate market crashed in 2008, Rich had become interested in social media as a means to increase his potential leads. He has become an expert blogger and does a great job interacting with the community on Google+. Rich also became very skilled at creating rich, original content for his own website.

While all of that helped him build his customer base, he was interested in reaching out to homebuyers who were ready for immediate purchase. We worked with Rich to build an effective online pay-per-click campaign. Due to the abundance of unique, quality content on Rich’s website,, we quickly obtained high Quality Scores, driving down the cost-per-click of his pay-per-click marketing.

The results were incredible, even with a quite limited budget. In July and August of 2013, our pay-per-click ads brought almost 25% of total visitors to his website. Of all the first-time visitors to the site, over half were from online ads. The greatest news was that almost 8% of visitors who came from pay-per-click ads submitted an intent to purchase form (on that first visit!) as opposed to less than 3% of organic visitors. That’s right, paid ad traffic was a quarter of his overall website traffic, but a substantially higher percentage of qualified leads.

If you are interested in learning how you can utilize the power of a well-crafted pay-per-click campaign to help your business achieve your marketing objectives, please contact Ad House Advertising today.

Thursday, 04 December 2014 00:00

How To Choose A Digital Marketing Company

Are you looking for a complete guide to Online Marketing? Well, this probably isn't it. Hopefully though, this will get you pointed in the right direction.

While I would love the opportunity to work with your company, my focus here is some transparency into our industry and my agency. I'll also touch on what to look out for, and questions you need to ask of the company (or individual) you seek to work with.

I realize there's a lot of content here, so I'm dividing it up into a few sections. Grab a coffee, write down your questions so you don't forget to ask, and jump to a PPC topic within this article:

What to watch out for. Because everyone and their dog "does PPC."

Questions to ask a PPC company How to vet a digital marketing company.

Final Thoughts Wrapping up, and my contact info if you have questions about anything. I will not solicit you, nor will you be added to an email list. If I don't know the best answer to your question, I'm willing to bet there's someone at our agency who does.

DIY PPC Advertising? You can DIY your PPC, but watch it like a hawk.
You may be interested in these "Learn With Us" posts I've written:

Video Advertising on YouTube (TrueView Ads)
AdWords Targeting by Household Income Level

Don't hesitate to tweet me your PPC questions if I can help further provide guidance.  @AdHouseRyan


Everyone & Their Dog "Does PPC"

Only a few million self-professed experts to consider. searching for a pay per click advertising company

Here's a few things to watch out for:

Grandiose Guarantees
High aspirations for a campaign are a great thing, but exaggerated promises are a sure sign of inexperience. For example: no Google Partner Agency (like us!) will tell you that you're guaranteed a top ad position. In actuality, the top positions may not even be your most profitable.

Clicks, Clicks, Clicks!
Traffic to your site is great! For most situations however, Clicks shouldn't be a primary focus. Remember: the click costs you money. Clicks without conversions (phone calls, leads, contributions, eCommerce purchases, etc.) just have a cost without an associated value.

Asking for Passwords
I don't need access to your Google account log-in information to manage your AdWords account. Nor do I need access to your log-in for access to your Analytics information. Don't. Share. Your. Account. A professional AdWords Manager will simply need your AdWords CID Number, and will request access into your account. Alternatively, they can be added by you directly (same story with Analytics). Check out the AdWords support guide for managing users.
Note: we guide our clients through the data integration process, and ensure data is secure.

NOT Asking for Your Data
The work that we do managing accounts for our clients requires accurate data, and lots of it. Access to your website Analytics is a prerequisite for working with us. We depend on terabytes of data to make informed decisions regarding digital marketing spend. I can't even provide an accurate quote without it!

Long-Term Commitments
If you're not happy, why stay? I suggest committing to goals, but results aren't instant. Don't judge your digital marketing company too harshly based on the first week of your campaign. Do clearly define goals and estimated timelines for achieving those goals, as well as the course of action if targets are not achieved. We form long-term partnerships with our clients because we enjoy who we work with, and we love bringing them success. Our measurable results are why we have a fantastically low client turnover.

Questions to Ask a PPC Company

I've sectioned some key questions into these categories:
Defining the Relationship,
Goals & Analytics
Creatives (the ads themselves)
Cost of a Pay Per Click Company and transparency


Defining the PPC Company + Client Relationship

Allowing another entity to manage your online presence is a major marketing decision. Whether you're seeking an AdWords account manager or a full-fledged digital agency, understand and set the expectations. We expect a high degree of interaction between our clients and their digital team. Campaign seasonality planning, performance indicators, new offers, variation testing, content enhancement, etc. -- An expert internet marketing company shouldn't be expected to provide overnight success, but instead to make an investment in your company's growth.

What experience do you have in my industry?
Ensure your digital manager is actually experienced with your target market. Not all businesses are the same; you shouldn't be the guinea pig account for your online ad company.

Who else are you working with in my industry?
You may not want to be working with a company that manages your competitors. However, if a web ad manager handles companies similar to yours, but in different markets, you may have much to gain from their experience! Ask about relationships with other companies in your industry.

Who will be my point of contact?
Discover who will be accountable to you for performance, reporting, strategizing, etc. If you have a question, who should you contact?

Who will be running things?
Will someone at the advertising agency or PPC company be directly managing your account? Or are they simply resellers who are outsourcing your account? (with markup!)
Note: while our video production division, Edit House Productions does produce video advertisements for other agencies, our agency division does not allow other agencies to white label our services.

Pay-Per-Click Company: Goals & Analytics

You absolutely must spell out goals for your digital marketer!

How will you track value generation?
Regardless of your business category, you have some form of trackable goals once visitors click to your site. eCommerce? Track the most lucrative transactions down to the campaign and ad that initiated it, influenced the shopper, and sealed the deal. Those interractions may take minutes, or days, but they can be tracked and optimized for. Service industry? Sales? Offline Retail? Track phonecalls and lead generation! Content site? Track visitor engagement, down to per-visit value and lifetime value of a user/customer.

  We offer phone number provisioning (local and toll-free), call tracking, recording, forwarding, and advanced call+digital ad integration.

How will you communicate goal progress?
Here at our digital agency we plan, organize, test, analyze, optimize, and report on complex digital campaigns as your partner and on your behalf. It's your data, and you should have access to it. An online marketing company should provide detailed and insightful reporting at the bare minimum. At Ad House Advertising you will receive timely reporting, both summarized and detailed. Want to see data as often as you need? That should be accommodated as well. Your data is your data; don't settle for anything less. Digital marketing companies don't own your data.

Digital Creative: Who's Job is It?

Quality ads don't just create themselves. (Actually, well-managed dynamic ads do, but that's a different article!

How will I approve ads before they run? Will I have oversight?
Ads represent your brand and must respect your company. Digital ads exist in a large number of formats and sizes. I caution the urge to micromanage thousands of ads being deployment for you, but you should absolutely have an approval say on every ad. You should always approve a design theme, an offer, messaging, copy, etc.

What inappropriate content might appear next to my ad?
Firstly, it's not 100% foolproof, but utilizing some simple tools available to advertisers does a pretty good job. Ensure that your advertising company puts effort into when to block an ad from appearing. It's as important as defining when an ad should appear.

"I'm not asking a question, I'm making a statement: don't use cookie-cutter ads"
Your company is unique, and deserves a public-facing message that helps instill a positive user experience, with better performing ppc ads. See my thoughts below on SEM, search experience marketing. Cookie-cutter ads, where every other competitor's ads match your own, is an insult to the user experience. A PPC company should not bill you for that disservice.

Cost, Investment & Transparency

If you've acquired even a passing knowledge of the SEO industry, you're familiar with black-hat services, and probably a few just plain bad business practices. There's always going to be disreputable online businesses, so do your reasearch. There's also a number of great online advertising companies. As a Google Partner, Google Partner Community Ambassador, and Google Small Business Community Advisor (among other roles), I have met a number of great PPC professionals! They are out there! Just remember: don't pay for bad ads.

What is the cost for your PPC Company?
Work costs money. A professional digital marketer turns the cost into an investment in your company's growth. Determine how you will be billed, and how you will be billed when your account grows and changes. Is there a flat fee? Are there nickle-and-dime charges galore? A retainer?

How do we part ways?
If you have a powerful and results-oriented digital agency, you won't want to leave. With properly defined responsibilities and an objective-focused plan, a good business arrangement should be mutually beneficial.
At Ad House Advertising, we want to see you succeed. That's why I'm writing this! Hopefully these questions will help you identify a great digital marketing partner.

  We have several clients who have been with us a decade or longer. How? Service and results retain our clients, not a contractual ball-and-chain.


Wow! That was a long article on PPC.

I'm barely scratching the surface. If you read all of this, you're a trooper.

If you found this at all helpful, or even if you think I missed something, I'd love to hear about it.

Follow Me Here: @AdHouseRyan I'd love to hear what you thought.

My philosophy on Search Advertising:
"We need to redefine SEM/SEO (Search Engine Marketing / Optimization). Let's rebrand the concept as Search Experience Optimization. This isn't about marketing to Search Engines. It's about reaching out to the right people, with the right message, at the right time." Rankings, quality scores, bids, CPMs, KPIs -- all that aside -- pay-per-click advertising should be about connecting with customers, people - and doing so in as effecient and effective a manner as possible.

I am always happy to take questions! I actually wrote this article based on questions from my followers on Twitter:

This week Ad House Advertising owner Ed Smith and Online Marketing Manager Ryan Smith visited the GooglePlex in Mountain View, California for the annual Google AdWords Community Summit. This is Ad House’s third visit to the Google campus.

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