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A Passion For Small Business

"We welcome you as agencies passionate about growing small business. You are the experts in this field and the best of the best," said Minjae Lee, Associate Product Marketing Manager at Google, in the opening statement at the August 2013 Google All Star event recognizing top performing digital advertising agencies.

"The experience at our second Google All Star event was awesome," says Ryan Smith, Ad House's Online Marketing Manager. He and Ad House VP for Media and Marketing Kim Smith attended the expenses-paid 2013 event at Google's world headquarters in Mountain View, CA.

"We were actually a little startled to find that of the All Stars, the majority of agencies are not including several 'best practices' in their PPC campaigns," says Kim Smith. Among the things we came away with:

1- Many PPC agencies focus only on Search ads. Perhaps that's because Display advertising is more complicated. It's higher up the sales funnel so to plan and schedule Display ads effectively requires a very different plan than Search. The creative also takes a lot of thought and strong graphic design. At Ad House Advertising, we almost always recommend and include Display ads in campaigns.

2- Even fewer digital ad agencies are incorporating video. Of the All Stars, we were among only 10% that are incorporating video. Why is video so important? As television viewing continues to fragment and decrease, online video offers very targeted and very cost-efficient exposure with all the motion and emotion that only video can provide. In a nutshell, video allows very small companies the power of a TV campaign, but done more effectively.

Google is a publicly traded company and is very focused on increasing revenue. But one thing comes across loud and clear: the User's experience is critical. Give the User (think of your client, customer, or prospect) a superior experience and they become loyal. Google sees AdWords as a key to help user's find desired products and services. And Google sees us and all the All Stars as a preferred way to provider advertisers with better results, in order to serve Users with the best experience.

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