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Google Updates Favor Mobile Friendly Sites

Google recently announced that it will be making another update to its algorithms, this time leaning toward greater emphasis on mobile friendliness as a determinant of organic search ranking. As mobile web traffic picks up- now accounting for more than 25% of all web usage- it is logical that Google’s algorithms will shift accordingly.

Mobile friendliness will start to become a ranking signal starting on April 21st. Businesses and organizations who already employ mobile responsive websites, as do all websites build by Ad House, may see their organic search rankings bolstered a bit by the upcoming shift. Websites that are not mobile friendly, however, will likely be negatively impacted, and will fail to capture some traffic due to their drop in ranking.

Business that have websites designed to perform only on desktop are recommended to make the switch now and undergo the rebuild they may have delayed for the past several years. There are numerous benefits that come with redesigning in order to net more mobile traffic. Mobile friendly websites tend to contribute to an overall more positive user experience, hence longer time on site and better conversion rates.

Mobile phone and tablet usage is surging- with some estimates suggesting that nearly 40% of all the time spent on the internet by adults in America is on mobile devices. The implications are clear- mobile internet use is on track to overtake desktop usage in the near future, or at least continue an upward trend. Optimize your webpage now to maximize web traffic and ROI. While you’re at it, investing in mobile advertising isn’t a bad idea either considering the statistics.

If you need help restructuring, redesigning, or entirely rebuilding your website, we can help! Check out our web development portfolio to take a look at past web design projects or contact us for a free consultation.

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