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News from Facebook’s F8 Conference

The end of March saw Facebook’s 2015 annual event for developers called the Facebook F8 Conference. As with previous years, this two day conference held in San Francisco indicated new directions that the business will be headed, and announced new programs for Facebook users that would like to optimize the platform for business. This year attendees were privy to new information about Facebook’s plans to expand into an array of communications in the future and the development of marketing apps as mobile channels. Ad House Advertising works extensively in Facebook advertising in order to boost our clients’ visibility to local social media users, and we’re thrilled to employ new tactics in Facebook to continue to grow the advertising and analytics efforts of small and midsize businesses.

One big point of discussion at Facebook’s F8 Conference was a new app called Facebook Analytics. The new tool, when officially released, will help the advertising staff at Ad House to more accurately track visitors across mobile apps and websites, a tracking tool that is already available to us in most of our digital advertising. This new depth of information will allow us to analyze funnel activity, segment consumer groups based on varying characteristics, and analyze groups of people who act in certain ways, for example, purchasing behaviors.

Not only will this app provide greater insight for social media marketing approaches, but it will also once again confirm the lifetime value of Facebook advertising, and help Ad House to more fully optimize the platform, re-engage customers through dynamic remarketing techniques, and more fully utilize the platform in order to net greater returns for our clients.

Interested in developing social media marketing and Facebook ads for your business? We offer free, no-obligation consultations, and are always available to chat and apply the insights we’ve gained through decades of experience in advertising to help your business succeed. Let’s get started today!

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