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Ryan Smith Named Google Ambassador

Ryan Smith, online marketing manager for Ad House Advertising, has been named one of the first five Ambassadors for the Google Partner program, a certification of digital ad agencies around the world.

He and the other four Ambassadors will visit Google’s Mountain View, CA campus on Dec. 17, 2013 to present a live “hangout” to other Google Partner agencies around the world. Hangouts are live webinars on Google’s platform.

This will be Smith’s third visit to the campus; Ad House Advertising earned Google All-Star status the past two years and was invited to the expenses-paid session. His hangout presentation, “Convergence: Melding Traditional and Digital Media”, will give case studies on how Ad House has incorporated online advertising into clients’ campaigns, incorporating online results to also strengthen broadcast buys in various markets.

The Google Ambassador program was developed to share knowledge among digital agencies’ online specialists and provide feedback to Google to improve the ad platforms. The other initial Ambassadors are from Las Vegas, NV; Chandler, AZ; Miami, FL; and Alberta, Canada.

Ad House Advertising, AdHouseAdvertising.com, is the only New Mexico company to meet Google’s criteria as a Partner agency. To qualify, the company must meet best practices in performance and customer care, as well as spending thresholds. In addition, staff must be individually certified by passing stringent tests in Search advertising, Display advertising, or Reporting/Analysis. Smith is one of about 100 people to have achieved all three certifications. Four other members of the Ad House team are also individually certified.

Smith has worked at Ad House since 2010, leading the online efforts in web development and maximizing digital advertising results for maximum ROI. He’s been building websites and programming since his teens. He says that digital advertising combines his love of computer science with his fascination with statistics. The company is a division of Edit House Productions, LLC, edithouse.net, formed in 2000. As a full-service advertising agency and video production company handling millions of dollars in client campaigns, they serve businesses across the United States in media buying, online advertising, graphic design, public relations/reputation management, website development, and video production.

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