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Ad House creates online marketing and broadcast campaigns for non-competing political candidates in federal, state, and local political contests.

Candidates for public office or groups supporting bond issues often have a budget that doesn’t allow for the level of outreach and education that they’d like.

At Ad House, our work in the political arena can take many forms, from public relations activities and public forums, to yard signs and mailers, to traditional radio, TV or newspaper messages.

Because of the extreme targeting that’s available, online advertising can be the most efficient method of spreading a political message today, including pay-per-click and pay-per-impression ads. Our data allows targeting to prospective voters, inlcuding their party affiliation, voting history, or other interests and behaviors. Digital advertising for political candidates is very cost-effective, and can adapt quickly for changes in messaging or audience.

For example, in one multi-county district, Ad House created an ingegrated campaign for a candidate. We targeted communities separately to deliver custom messages. In just nine weeks, we covered 238,987 residents with a total of 7,585,865 online impressions, an average of 31 times per person. Our online marketing campaign directly resulted in 70% of the candidate's website traffic. If you equate an online impression with the impression made from a direct mailer, estimating just .30 cents for the cost of each piece of mail, the online value was nearly $2.5 million dollars yet the campaign's real cost was under $8,000. The candidate won the election, even though his party affiliation was greatly outnumbered by the numbers of the opposing political party.

Social media advertising can also be a vital tool for political races. In another contest, our candidate's initial polling showed him down by a much as 14 points. Our online advertising campaign created millions of impressions in New Mexico voters, including heavy penetration into social media newsfeeds. In the example below, just on Facebook, 76,332 impressions were made on Nov. 1st. We were pleased that our candidate won, becoming one of few Republicans to be elected to that seat in New Mexico's history.

Our role in the political arena is to spread the word to the most likely voters through cost-efficient marketing. To see examples of political campaigns and the results we've had, please give us a call.

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Client Statements

  • The Grain Hopper +

    We want to let you know how much we appreciate the work you do for us. You are true professionals. Thank you so much.Tim Haverman, The Grain Hopper
  • NM Children, Youth & Families +

    Thanks again for all your efforts on the It’s Wrong, It’s History project. I look forward to the possibility of future collaborations.Sophia Roybal-Cruz, NM Children, Youth & Families
  • American Restoration +

    Thanks to Ryan and Ed, our company has a lovely new website, a terrific logo, and double the business because of the outstanding efforts from your team. This is the beginning of a long and profitable business relationship! Thank you for all you have done to help us grow!Kimberly Harman,
    American Restoration Water & Fire, LLC.
  • Harris Jewelers +

    "Ad House Advertising has developed our web strategy since 2012. They use the latest web tools which quickly moved us up online. Personable, high integrity, great results!"Mark Guerin, Harris Jewelers
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