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Retail Marketing

Bringing shoppers to your store or website

Competing against other local retail stores or in the online marketplace isn’t easy. Yet our retail clients report consistent annual growth of 10 to 15 percent.

Our approach for retail clients is very individualized, depending on the business category, market share and location. For retail businesses, we strategically focus on the most important marketing component that will impact revenue within your available budget. That may be a website designed to help convert shoppers into buyers, sales materials, an improved advertising plan, or a number of other items. Once that foundation is developed, the next step is likely increasing your share of prospective customers and growing your sales. While this may be an advertising function, it can also tie to sales materials or sales training, improving an online reputation or focusing your marketing on a segment that you company can profitably dominate.

For many retailers, the use of effective digital advertising provides ROI-based results. Online campaigns are scalable, usually affordable to small businesses. Search advertising campaigns connect your business to active online shoppers.

Our programmatic digital campaigns in Display and Online Video Advertising incorporate third-party data to finely target your best prospects. For example, we can geo-target a few square blocks or miles around your company (perfect for coffee shops and dry cleaners); we can target brides to be, new parents, military vets, home improvement shoppers, or the highest quintile of household income. This granular targeting produces little waste in your ad dollar, and helps you expand your business by finding the right customers for you.

We invite you to explore our portfolio and our marketing case studies.