Using Online Video Advertising with Ad House Advertising and Google

From March 25, 2015 9:45 am until 11:00 am
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Online video is ideal for small to medium sized companies with niche products or services, and for those who target consumers under 45, who increasingly are not found watching broadcast or cable TV. Connect with New Mexico's first Google Partner Digital Advertising Agency, and hear from industry-leading speakers about effective online video marketing for small businesses. Google experts will present the live streamed sessions. You can submit questions to the Google experts as well.

Free? Yes, Free

This is a free event! We expect this event to again fill our agency's offices. For that reason, an RSVP is required. Refreshments will be served. Please click the Join button at the upper left to register.

Who is This Seminar For?

This business marketing event is for small business owners, marketing managers, CMOs, etc. As much as we would appreciate your company's business, there is no obligation or pressure to become our client. If you would like to discuss how we could improve your marketing objectives, feel free to talk with us afterward or set up a follow-up consultation at no cost.

Who are the Speakers?

Suzie Reider, Google Managing Director/Brand Solutions

Suzie will share insights about the YouTube audience, and using content strategy to help businesses connect with customers via online video.

Mark McMaster, Google Global Product Lead/YouTube Advertising

Mark will cover the tactics and strategies of YouTube advertising, sharing real-life examples. His role at Google is to help all sizes of businesses and agencies build brands.

Additionally, our six Google Certified staff, the largest concentration of Google Partner certified information in the region, will be available for your questions! Our online marketing manager, one of the first in the US to qualify for Google's Video Advertising Advanced Certification, and our video production manager, winner of four national awards for editing and production, will be available after the webinar ends..