Broadcast Media Buying & Media Placement

Ad House is a Nielsen subscribing agency, giving us the power to negotiate rates with broadcast stations. We typically achieve 20% or higher added media compared to advertiser-placed media.

Using Ad House to place your media costs you nothing.

broadcast television and radio media placement
  • Use A Tailored Media Plan

    More bang for the buck. We develop custom media plans tailored for your target demographic, not packages consisting of overnight airtime and station leftovers.

  • Full-Service Agency Support

    We're your media partner. We don't have a sales goal for your media dollars. We act as an objective third-party, helping you identify the best media placements to achieve your marketing goals.

  • Advertising For Free?

    Well, no added cost. As a power-buying agency, we make our commission from broadcast stations, after rates are negotiated. Not only do we place more media, more efficiently, we are usually able to do it at no added cost to our clients.

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We Place Media Buys In Most US TV Markets

Ad House Advertising places media buys in most TV markets

Sure, lots of business owners plan and buy their own media. For others, they realize there are other more productive things they could be doing with that time, so they turn to an advertising agency. Hopefully they use a company (like Ad House) that actually subscribes to ratings data to get a true picture of what's happening with viewers.

Here's how important media buying should be to a business: When your company grows to a certain point, would you do your own corporate taxes or represent yourself in a court of law? You'd probably choose the expertise of a professional who's devoted their career to the ends-and-outs in those areas. Why? That expertise will provide your company with better results. And that's what we do.

Why Should Ad House Advertising Buy Your Broadcast Media?

  1. It doesn't cost you anything extra.
  2. Get more exposure for your media dollar.
  3. We tailor your budget to better reach those who are most likely to purchase.
  4. Not everyone is your potential customer-- "image" packages and "rotators" seldom work.
  5. Each medium (TV, Radio, Billboards, etc.) all have very different uses.
  6. We buy millions in advertising each year; we know what is most likely to provide the best results for your situation.
  7. Because we buy so much airtime as an agency, we negotiate rates with stations, and make our commission from them, not from you. We buy airtime at a lower price, and then get paid out of that. Having our agency buy your broadcast airtime literally costs you less money.

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Affordable Media Placement

We'll buy air-time for you (usually stretching your ad budget by 20%) at no extra cost.

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Client Statements

  • The Grain Hopper +

    We want to let you know how much we appreciate the work you do for us. You are true professionals. Thank you so much.Tim Haverman, The Grain Hopper
  • NM Children, Youth & Families +

    Thanks again for all your efforts on the It’s Wrong, It’s History project. I look forward to the possibility of future collaborations.Sophia Roybal-Cruz, NM Children, Youth & Families
  • American Restoration +

    Thanks to Ryan and Ed, our company has a lovely new website, a terrific logo, and double the business because of the outstanding efforts from your team. This is the beginning of a long and profitable business relationship! Thank you for all you have done to help us grow!Kimberly Harman,
    American Restoration Water & Fire, LLC.
  • Harris Jewelers +

    "Ad House Advertising has developed our web strategy since 2012. They use the latest web tools which quickly moved us up online. Personable, high integrity, great results!"Mark Guerin, Harris Jewelers
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