Tactical Digital Marketing

Using advanced technology paired with layered data, we deploy campaigns that effeciently connect our clients with their ideal audience.

We deliver the right message to the right person, at the right time.

Whether you're looking for industry-leading programmatic ad management, a full-service traditional & digital ad agency, or somewhere in-between, we're here to help.

Google Partner Digital Agency
  • Partners, Not Vendors

    We excel at solving marketing and communication problems. As an agency, we aren't here to sell you a service that won't achieve your goals. Everything we do is as custom as your business.

  • In-Market Consumer Targeting

    Capitalize on strong buying signals! Display and Video advertising has lagged behind intent-driven Search Ads for years. With access to thousands of data segments from a multitude of sources, this is no longer the case.

  • "Everyone" Is Not Your Target Customer

    Make data-driven target refinements. 1st and 3rd-party data, as well as lookalike modeling helps refine your marketing to the most qualified prospects.

  • How Much Does Online Advertising Cost?

    Cost scales as-needed. Quality marketing should be a value-adding investment in your company, not a hard cost. We develop campaigns that will help you meet your goals, within your budget.

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Today's Average Ad Traffic - Per Online Advertising Client

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Client data is not divulged. Traffic data listed is simulated, based on actual traffic.

How Much Does Online Advertising Cost?

Online advertising can be flexible enough to work within most organization's marketing budgets. A great campaign isn't a huge cost, it's an ongoing business investment that has quantifiable success. Our DSP software provides the most research available to help create profitable campaigns.

After discussion to determine each clients' unique marketing objectives, including a budget within their ROI   and ROAS   goals, we're ready to begin generating leads.

Scalable Digital Marketing for All Businesses

Do you want marketing results that you can measure? Digital marketing with purpose and intention delivers your services to the right prospective clients.

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Online advertising is the most effective way to reach potential customers across many verticals. As communications and marketing shift ever more toward being web based, expanding the reach of your business in this arena is essential in order to maintain relevance in a changing world. Ad House Advertising offers comprehensive online marketing solutions for businesses that want to gain a competitive edge in their field. Our programmatic advertising software platform offers extensive 3rd party data integration to target much more strategically, and real time bidding positions your digital ads specifically and efficiently.

Google Search Ads

Search ads displayed across many search engine marketing platforms such as Google and Bing allow customers to find you as they search for the services or products that you offer. Expertly composed and executed PPC advertising will maximize your exposure to relevant audiences through well researched keywords and laser-targeted demographics. Our skilled team of Google certified specialists will manage your account with daily attention for success that is demonstrated in tangible results. We integrate proprietary software into our management strategy to ensure that your business gets constant updates- several times an hour, 24 hours a day. Our proactive approach to digital marketing is efficient and maximizes every dollar spent. Choosing a digital advertising company with the skills you need for increased sales and market share can be a time consuming process. At Ad House Advertising we make the process easy, with decades of combined advertising experience, and specializing in the exciting world of online advertising and digital ad management. Our staff works closely with each client to outline goals, and then make sure these objectives are met.


Fine-tuned, expert online marketing services like retargeting and dynamic remarketing further boost your brand presence, and allow you to meaningfully reconnect with past visitors to your website, whether the original visit was a PPC visitor or not. These powerful tools are applied with the expertise of the experienced Ad House team to maximize the return on your PPC and online advertising investment. We understand the many factors that contribute to an effective digital campaign, and we know how to capitalize on the opportunities that exist online.

Effective digital marketing is more than just pay-per-click advertising. Expand your reach by incorporating image-based display advertising, and video ads on sites like YouTube, LiveRail and BrightRoll. Our Display advertising channels give clients access to 97% of online ad inventory, targeting your customers with image ads for your business across a display network of millions of websites through our DSP (Demand Side Platform) digital campaigns. Display ads can provide an introduction to your unique brand, or engaging remarketing material to past visitors to your site. Capture as much attention and traffic as possible with relevant, dynamic ads that will compel customers to action.

Video ads on platforms such as YouTube and dozens of other video channels are a productive use of your internet marketing budget, and when you opt to work with an online ad agency like us, you’ll have the comfort of knowing a Google certified video marketing expert is managing your campaign. Video marketing targets an audience that has illustrated interest in your services and products through commercial videos displayed before, during, and in search results online. Because we target customers with material we know to be relevant to them, this style of digital marketing is cost-efficient and incredibly effective at boosting sales. Need help developing attractive commercial material? We can develop high quality video ads aligned perfectly with your message and streamlined with your pay-per-click and display advertising campaigns. The videos we produce are commercial ready, so if you want to transition them to on-air, the process is easy.

Social Media MarketingFully integrated online advertising solutions can also mean harnessing the power of social media advertising. A rapidly developing field in digital advertising, marketing through Facebook and other social media giants allows us to develop targeted ads for individuals with specific interests, and target users with other relevant data, like location, age, gender, income and past actions.

Actively marketing to an interested audience is at the heart of online advertising, and selecting a digital marketing company equipped to navigate these complex and competitive platforms with nuanced strategy and creative solutions is essential. Client success is our top priority. We have a demonstrated history of success, illustrated through our Google Partner status, and a staff of experienced, certified PPC, display, and video advertising specialists who are passionate about advertising and enthusiastic about your success. Learn more about Ad House Advertising or contact us today to get a free consultation and connect with us. Beginning your campaign has never been easier. Let's get started!

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Reach us at (505) 404-3536.

Reach us at (505) 404-3536.

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Small Business Advisor

Ryan, our Online Marketing Manager is a Google Small Business Community Advisor and contributor.

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Successfully Navigate the Consumer Funnel

Visitors rarely convert on the first visit -- it's a consumer journey.

Many advertisers focus on the last-interraction on your site. We optimize based on where certain ads perform best, as introducers like the paid search example below, influencers, and closers.

didigal analytics multi-channel funnel

Engage Your Audience With Video Ads

High-quality online video advertisements are produced in-house (not outsourced with added markup) by our parent division, Edit House Productions, a national and internation award-winning video production company  . Edit House was the first to produce in HD in NM, and one of the first in the Southwest

What makes Edit House a unique video production house? When all invoices are paid, you fully own all rights to the material produced for you.

Ad House Advertising is a division of Edit House Productions, LLC.

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