The Making of 50 Shades of FIAT

By Published On: December 17th, 20131.8 min read
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50 Shades of Grey has finally been casted! Did you see who’s playing Christian Grey and Anastasia? …Wow, I was shocked! Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure if I actually read the books I might be a little more understanding and excited. As of now, I just hear about it from my wife.

A couple of months ago, on the Fiat of Albuquerque Facebook page, you may have seen an update that drew your attention, I know it caught me by surprise. It read #fiftyshades of #fiat. This got me wondering, how can these four words be turned into a great television commercial?

There’s a lot that goes into video production for television commercials and online web videos. Creation of the “50 Shades of Fiat” commercial came from there literally being 50 different shades of colors on the new Fiats. From there, I starting doing research on the color options and started on graphics. Each of the 50 different colored Fiats in the commercial, I traced out the car, excluding mirrors, windows, etc. and selected each specific color in Photoshop.

Once the graphics were completed, I moved onto the voice overs. The amazing and vocally gifted Fiat of Albuquerque voice talent, Cindy Brooks, was the perfect choice, it had to be performed to a specific style.

Then onto Final Cut Pro X. After getting all of the material (graphics, audio, and music), I started laying out the different colored Fiats on the timeline*. Each colored Fiat is different from the last and its duration only 6 frames (30 frames in just 1 second). Only after all the graphics, audio, music and tag information* is laid out, can I start to see a finish line.

The Fiat of Albuquerque “50 Shades of Fiat” commercial was originally produced for online marketing purposes. However, starting October 10, 2013, you’ll start seeing the commercial on broadcast television networks.

*1: Timeline: An expression used to describe the different layers of visual and audio effects inside Final Cut Pro.

*2: Tag Information: Description of the end information of a television commercial that includes a company’s logo and contact information.

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