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Unleash your company’s full potential with Ad House Advertising, your partner in marketing and design solutions. With a rich history of commitment to creativity, cost-effectiveness, and unparalleled expertise, we transform ideas into impactful visuals that captivate audiences and drive results. What sets Ad House Advertising apart is our commitment to delivering exceptional results without breaking the bank. We understand the importance of maximizing your marketing budget while still achieving impactful outcomes. That’s why we work closely with you to develop tailored solutions that align with your financial objectives, ensuring maximum return on investment.

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, standing out is more important than ever, and our team ensures your brand shines brightly across every screen. With eye-catching websites, engaging social media graphics, and advanced targeting capabilities, we craft marketing campaigns that capture attention, drive engagement, and inspire action.


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Energy Generation


Owner, Producer, Director

Dozens of Telly and Aurora Awards

Ed Smith has been in television since the 80s and began Edit House Productions, LLC in 2000. He grew up in Culver City, California, where he enjoyed hanging out with his father on the sets of MGM Studios. Ed has been awarded dozens of Addy, Telly and Aurora Awards for cinematography, directing, and art direction. Over the years, Ed has produced for Fortune 500 companies like Pizza Hut, Cessna Aircraft, Coleman, and Rent-A-Center. Ed earned a MA in Communications and a BA in Radio-TV-Film from Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kansas.



Owner, Chief Operating Officer, Production Manager

Thirteen-Time National Telly Award-Winning Editor

Matt, quite literally, grew up around television production, and started setting up lights and equipment at just 9 years old. Matt began officially working for Edit House Productions, LLC at a young age and officially joined the team at 15 years old. Matt graduated from Rio Rancho High School in 2010 and attended CNM, taking psychology courses and focusing on general studies and today, he is a multiple Telly Award winning editor. Matt has extensive knowledge of Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects along with the entire suite of Adobe Creative Cloud applications including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Audition. Matt is well-versed in producing, directing, and cinematography.


Owner, Digital and Broadcast Media Specialist

Multiple Aurora and Telly Awards for Writing and Producing

Kim says she’s always been fascinated with mass communication and the way that people receive news, advertisements, and information. That’s changed a lot in the last few years! At Edit House, she’s involved in the development of video messages for our clients’ broadcast media buys, website, and training videos as well as overseeing the media buying for our clients.
She loves learning the specifics of each client’s business and designing a plan to move them forward.


Production Assistant

James Blackburn has been working for Edit House Productions, LLC, for over six years, assisting in various video productions. He has over 17 years of experience on both sides of the camera. James has always loved film; he’s worked on over 200 movies and TV shows as an actor and behind the scenes. He has also won 3 Rocky Mountain Regional Emmy Awards for videography and editing.

Here at Edit House Productions, James Blackburn assists with productions, setting up and tearing down equipment, writing scripts, monitoring sound, creating graphics, and editing video content. His experience and enthusiasm bring much value to the Edit House Productions Team. He has been in a happy relationship with his significant other, Karen, for 27 years, and they have one cat named Magic.


Graphic Artist, Web Developer

Raquel is a highly skilled and professional Designer with over 15 years of experience in the industry. She has held several positions managing graphics and marketing departments for small businesses and corporate businesses locally and across the country. She truly loves her field of work and even carries her creativity into her spare time with photography, fine art, and music. When she isn’t working and being creative she also loves the outdoors, sports, and spending time with family and friends.


Client Account Manager

Mike joins us at Ad House Advertising as a Client Account Manager with his responsibilities including everything from client communications to web design. He is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in digital media, journalism, web design, and SEO. His journey began in college, where he excelled as Features Editor and Photo Editor. He holds over 27 awards from the Journalism Association of Community Colleges (JACC) for photography, writing, and page design. Mike played a pivotal role in transitioning newspapers to the digital format at the Los Angeles Times and Los Angeles Newspaper Group.

His expertise extends to working with various clients, including print brokers, pharmaceutical companies, and celebrities, to achieve brand and marketing goals. Mike’s passion lies in web design and SEO, where he excels in troubleshooting and solving technical problems. Beyond his professional life, he is a family man with four grown children. He enjoys attending concerts and collecting band posters.


Administrative Assistant

Vanessa Baca Alarcon was born and raised in Carlsbad New Mexico. She has two beautiful boys and an amazing significant other. She graduated with a biology degree and project management certified from UNM. She has a great passion for business and has 15 plus years of experience in business development. She has led many teams to successful outcomes and has created new opportunities for those that she has led. She has learned many skillful strategies, and she always wants to teach, learn, encourage, and inspire those around her. Her inspiration comes from success and her loved ones.


Full Stack Web Consultant

Patrice Fote is a dynamic and experienced software engineer with a passion for creating innovative solutions. He holds a Master of Science in Software Engineering from Texas Tech University, where he graduated in 2019. Prior to that, he completed his Bachelor of Arts in University Studies with a focus on Music, Applied Music, and Computer Science from New Mexico Highlands University.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Patrice holds his family dear and acknowledges their unwavering support and love. Their influence has been a guiding light, shaping his character and fueling his drive for success. In his cherished moments of leisure, Patrice enjoys spending quality time with his wife, two amazing kids and pursuing creative endeavors in art and songwriting that bring him joy and fulfillment.

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