Agency Hosts Foreign Journalists Visiting New Mexico

By Published On: September 29th, 20151.3 min read
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Edit House Productions, LLC, and sister company Ad House Advertising, hosted two experienced journalists on September 11th and 18th, 2015 for a job shadowing experience. The journalists, Kristina Jackunaite and Sandugash Kenzhebayeva, visited the United States from Lithuania and Kazakhstan through a program called Global Ties ABQ.

Kristina Jackunaite currently works as a TV journalist in Lithuania. She holds a master’s degree in journalism from Vilnius University in Lithuania, and was most passionate about digital communication and how to appeal to audiences both on TV and social media platforms.

Sandugash Kenzhebayeva currently holds the position of chief editor at “TAN” TV channel in Kazakhstan. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the International Kazakh-Turkish University of Almaty and a master’s degree in Kazakh Literature from Kazakh National Pedagogical University of Almaty. She was most interested in learning about social media marketing tactics as well as new trends in digital media and production.

While visiting Edit House Productions and Ad House Advertising, both visitors were exposed to new digital media production techniques and tools including video editing software, graphic design software, and social media outreach and monitoring. Both started their tour through the United States in Washington, D.C. before coming to visit New Mexico for a week. Their next destination was Los Angeles, CA which was the completion of their month long tour. Edit House Productions and Ad House Advertising is honored to have hosted them and to have shared knowledge with them on current advertising and production techniques.

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