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The staff's favorite summer foods!

By Lucas Baca (Marketing Assistant)

The sun shines brightly, the grill is fired up and the summer playlist is carefully curated. There’s no denying the irresistible charm of a delightful summer cookout!

At Ad House, we love to come together for cookouts every couple of months. It’s a chance to bond while enjoying mouthwatering burgers expertly grilled by Ed in the backyard at the office. However, it got us thinking—what are our personal favorites when it comes to cookout delights? Is it the timeless classic, the hamburger? Or perhaps the always delicious bratwursts? Maybe even the ever-reliable, never-get-old piece of steak! Curiosity piqued; I embarked on a journey to find out.

Ed – “Smoked ribs, smash burgers and artichoke salad. I use the 3,2,1 method for my ribs, while Kim’s artichoke salad, a cherished family recipe, is always a hit. I also enjoy making smash burgers on the griddle.”




Kim – “Grilled chicken with mango salsa.” I love the combination of savory and fruity! It creates a perfect balance, offering an irresistible eating experience that is both light and satisfying.”




Danielle – “Potato salad, sweet corn and watermelon! I prefer classic dishes. There’s nothing quite like a perfectly prepared, picnic-style potato salad.”




James – “Chili dogs and burgers. I’ve always been a fan of burgers in any form and love a good dog with savory, homemade chili.”




Lucas (myself) – “Grilled buffalo burgers and watermelon! Like Danielle, I love fresh watermelon and it’s been a favorite since childhood. I also prefer the much more flavorful buffalo burgers over regular beef, but you can’t go wrong with either.”




Matt – “Smoked brisket and green chili relleno casserole. I love the taste and tenderness of slow-cooked brisket and the casserole is a family favorite. It’s like green chile enchiladas but better!”




Raquel – “Watermelon Mint Green tea and frozen cheesecake bites. I am more of a fan of sweet treats. The tea is incredibly refreshing, while the cheesecake bites deliciousness speaks for themselves.”




Our entire team hopes you’re having a great late spring and have exciting plans for the summer! Let’s raise a glass to the moments that unite us and the delicious food that makes them unforgettable. If we can be of service as we enter the summer, let us know! Our goal continues to be to help clients get better results from advertising and marketing. We create compelling websites and effective marketing materials to help generate more leads per dollar spent so that you can focus on your core business needs.