All About Google Tag Manager: Live Hangout with Ryan

By Published On: January 15th, 20151.6 min read
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Google Tag Manager is a powerful tool that allows marketers to add and update website tags without working extensively with convoluted code. Tags make conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and much more accessible to businesses of all sizes, whether or not they have a dedicated IT department.

Despite the ease with which Tag Manager can be installed and applied to gain insight into the functioning of your website, there is lots of potential that businesses often don’t tap into. That’s where we come in.

Ad House Advertising’s Online Marketing Manager, Ryan Smith, is hosting a live Google Hangout session alongside Google Product Manager Lukas Bergstrom today at 12pm MST (that’s 11am PST and 1pm EST). Ryan and Lukas will dive into the basics and beyond of Tag Manager, discussing how to preview and debug your work, as well as use the function for call tracking, and much more.

The importance of Google Tag Manager for your business can’t be overestimated. The versatility of Tag Manager to create and update tags easily at any time is unmatched, so when you see opportunities, you can seize them and gain powerful data that can be leveraged. Ad House Advertising, the first Google Partner agency in New Mexico, is thrilled to be part of this Live Hangout.

Ryan Smith is a Google Partner Community Ambassador certified in every Google area (Search, Display and Reporting, Video) and has been invited to visit the Google campus several times. He is also a member of the Google Partners community. Join him and Lukas today by watching the Hangout live right here on the YouTube player below. You can revisit the seminar any time on this page here as well. Get a detailed overview of topics covered and resources by viewing Ryan’s agenda here.

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