Facebook Rolls Out New ‘Local Awareness’ Ads

By Published On: October 10th, 20141.7 min read
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If you’re like me, you may pass by a local shop several times before you ever notice it. Perhaps this obliviousness is sometimes caused by spending too much time looking at my phone as I make my way through town. However, if Facebook’s latest advertising endeavor takes off, users may never have to peel their eyes away from their smartphone to get the details on the latest business offerings in their area.

Ad House works on platforms across the internet to get the word out about local businesses’ services and products, and Facebook has proven to be a popular and effective way to spread the word. The social media giant’s newest ad units have been dubbed ‘local awareness ads’ and allow advertisers to promote to users who are within, or have recently been within, a certain geographic radius. These targeted ads were designed with local businesses in mind, helping them to reach potential clients with more precision, and at a lower cost.

Facebook users already see ads that are influenced by location, as user set information such as “hometown” and “current city” figure into the ads served to each individual. The local awareness ads, however, would be served to those users who have location services activated on their phone (these can also be set to “off” per the user’s preference, and that individual will not be served local awareness ads). These ads also conveniently allow users to tap the screen to get directions.

Location specific ads have the power to make advertising contextually relevant, an exciting prospect that could really ramp up business for many. After determining the specific region they would like to target, businesses can further refine their target audience by age, gender, and more. At Ad House we love to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in social media marketing, and we can’t wait to see where developing the latest local awareness ads takes us. Interested in collaborating on some targeted Facebook ads together? Get in touch!

Matt Smith

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