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By Published On: February 18th, 20151.4 min read
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The Issue: In late 1999, the New Mexico State Police Academy faced the potential loss of $1 million dollars. They were not recruiting enough cadets to regularly hold their training Academy, therefore not generating new officers to replace those who retired or left the agency.

Our Approach: After developing an understanding of the unique qualities that an officer must have to excel in this elite law enforcement agency, we restructured their advertising and outreach campaigns. Media buys became much more targeted; the TV and radio commercials were created to appeal to these particular prospects; and materials developed for job fairs at military bases and other venues. A documentary was produced, following the rigorous military-style training during one 18-week academy, which further helped bring the most-qualified recruits into the program and pre-screen those likely to drop out.

Over the years, we have added online marketing, including Search, Display and Video ads. These reach various geographies and targets, and the information we gain from those results has also led to adjustments in the use of traditional media.

Public relations activities have included numerous radio interviews, open house events, promotional materials, and social media.

The Results: Today, the Training and Recruiting Bureau of the New Mexico State Police credit Ad House Advertising as their recruiting department, returning an officer to law enforcement duties instead of being assigned to the recruitment marketing role. In recent years, the number of applicants is double what it was when we began, allowing the agency to select the top candidates, those most aligned with the agency’s focus on tradition, pride and honor.

Matt Smith

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