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In the fast paced and ever changing environment of online media and marketing, having your skills and qualifications confirmed by a media giant such as Google is a real compliment. Google offers official partnerships for qualified companies adhering to Google’s best practices and illustrating excellence with their products. Edit House and its advertising branch, Ad House Advertising, have already completed the rigorous testing and standard assessments required to earn their status as Google Partners. Meeting Google’s stringent guidelines to assume official partnership requires a business to be excellent in its field, and Edit House’s staff continue to improve upon that status. This week Edit House’s online marketing manager, Ryan Smith, passed Google testing to become certified in video, adding to his long list of accomplishments, among them several other Google certifications.

Ryan’s most recent certification emphasizes advertising through InStream ads on video hosting website YouTube. YouTube, a Google subsidiary since 2006, is among the most visited websites worldwide, with more than a billion unique users visiting each month, and over 100 hours of video uploaded to the site every minute. YouTube’s popularity has made it a constant in popular culture, and it is always accessible through its presence on computers, game consoles, and mobile phones.

Thousands of advertisers utilize YouTube’s InStream advertising to reach users locally and around the world in the form of pre-roll ads, which precede the intended viewing content. These usually take the form of ads less than one minute long, most of which are skippable after five seconds. Of course, skipped ads come at no cost to the advertiser. Similarly to Google AdWords campaigns, InStream video advertisements through YouTube allow advertisers to reach their ideal customer base by defining criteria such as age, location, and interest. While InStream videos can be placed by nearly anyone, this variety of advertisement is quite nuanced, and enlisting qualified individuals can allow you to maximize your appeal and introduce you to new clients not only by considering the specifics of age, geography, and interests, but also by targeting customers meaningfully based on popular and relevant content. While targeted video ads help advertisers to hone in on specific demographics, advertisers still only pay when their advertisements are being watched, and video material is engaging enough to ensure that ads do frequently get watched.

Expanding his knowledge of key online marketing strategies gives Ryan and Ad House Advertising an increased edge in the field of online advertising, where more and more success stories are generated through the dynamic presence of video advertisements. Small and large businesses alike can greatly benefit from InStream advertising and Ryan’s expansive expertise. To talk about online marketing possibilities for your business, don’t hesitate to contact Ad House via phone at (505) 404-3536 or e-mail at info@AdHouseAdvertising.com. You can also connect to Ryan on Google+ and read his related article here.