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It has been almost 15 years since Edit House Productions, Ad House Advertising’s parent company, was founded. In 2000, Edit House began editing TV commercials and documentaries using Apple’s Final Cut Pro studio of applications. At that time, Final Cut Pro was just on its 1.02 version. From the get-go, Final Cut has been the standard in professional video production editing. With its advanced intuitive layout and ease of manipulating media, Final Cut Pro has been used around the world for over a decade.

In 2011, Final Cut Pro was expected to get a much needed update in order to support advanced media and improved functionality. Edit House Productions was one of the the first in the market to upgrade our software in anticipation of a more complex, but faster editing system, Final Cut Pro X (10).

For months, Final Cut Pro X (FCP X) was the application of choice in all of Edit House’s clients’ commercial and documentary material.

Being brand new, FCP X had its glitches. This didn’t slow us down, however. Soon after the release, Apple provided updates to the software with major and minor changes alike that improved the functionality of FCP X.

Things changed, however, when Adobe released its Creative Cloud update.

Adobe’s Creative Cloud of applications now supports full integration with all of their apps working seamlessly together. With the advanced line of redesigned programs, editors can be piecing media together in Premiere Pro CC and switch instantly to Adobe’s After Effects CC to create beautiful motion graphics or advanced animations while Premiere updates editing sequences in real time.

Arguably, in the past, Premiere had always been in Final Cut Pro’s shadow,but with the complete redesign of all Adobe applications, Premiere Pro CC has gone from the shadows to the spotlight.

Edit House Productions visits the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas, NV every year in order to anticipate the current and future trends. So, where is the market going? There’s updates to Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro CC all the time. For Edit House Productions, Premiere Pro CC is the top pick for our editors. Premiere offers a better experience with programs that are meant to work together, and do.

Our clients benefit from the switch from Final Cut Pro X to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, with a stream-lined finished product, while the editors benefit from a suite of applications that can provide faster editing times, ultimately leaving more time for creative elements to be incorporated.

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