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There’s a wealth of social media out there, and all of it can provide increased visibility for your small business- so why spend the time crafting and maintaining a Google + profile? Search engines, of which Google has the majority of the market share, trust social signals, especially when these cues come from their own social networks. As Google Partners, Ad House Advertising is very familiar with Google networks and how search functionality works. Among our many goals for your business is to make it easily accessed through organic and paid search results, and having a presence on Google + can help to do just that.

Who doesn’t want to put their business in front of qualified leads? Google search results rewards businesses with Google + pages by increasing their local search visibility. There are many ways that Google does this. For example, content you post on your page can rank in search results where your actually webpage might not qualify. Each of your posts to the social network has a unique URL, and the more interaction from users that post garners, the more likely it is to rank in search results. Additionally, Google hashtag searches, which are becoming more and more common, can turn up recent Google + posts that have used the same hashtag.

Google + pages and personal profiles can be connected with a website to generate even greater reach using the publisher and authorship mark ups. Additionally, if your businesses uses Google AdWords, you can enable location extensions that pull from your Google + information, rather than manually entering in your location data. This can actually make your ad appear larger, and hopefully, in turn, increase the ad’s click through rate.

Beyond Google +’s ability to enhance your organic and paid searchability, the platform offers flexibility that few social media sites do. Google Hangouts is a fantastic way of connecting with others (see our own Ryan Smith’s Google Hangout with graphic designer Roberto Blake here, or Ryan’s Hangout about prepping for the holidays here), and posts can also easily be filtered for unique circles.

Recent trends in social media usage indicate that Google + may soon overtake Twitter as the second most used social media platform. In the business world, you know how important it is to stay ahead of the curve. This is a quality that Ad House Advertising prides itself on. We were one of the first five companies to be named as a Google Partner Ambassador, and we’ve continued growing and staying ahead of trends in online marketing. If you have questions about what Google + or Ad House can do to help you expand your small business, gives us a call at (505) 404-3536.