The Importance of Local SEO

By Published On: January 14th, 20152.5 min read
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Local SEO is important and effective for the same reason that digital advertising is- it helps you to reach potential customers at the precise moment that they are searching for your services and are ready to purchase them. Unlike traditional media that targets consumers indiscriminately, online marketing allows you to promote your business at meaningful moments to the right people by making your website able to be found via search engines. For this reason, Ad House Advertising stresses the importance of using local SEO on your webpages and digital advertising landing pages. Enjoy greater ROI by employing some of these tips from New Mexico’s first Google Partner agency, and if you have any questions about how to more effectively use local SEO strategies, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a free consult.

Local search is a way for search engines to offer up more relevant results to individuals searching for specific services. This is done through a series of algorithms that take into consideration, among other things, the user’s location data. For example, if you’re in Albuquerque and search for “pizza,” the results will probably be a lot more useful if they are for nearby pizza places.

Local SEO is all about boosting your visibility on search engines. This is especially important for small businesses to employ because you’re only competing for position with other businesses in the same location, which is a much smaller field than if you were, say, operating on a national scale. Thus, if you are able to be found online, you are more likely to reach potential customers and get their business. In order to boost your site’s visibility, optimize the content of your webpage. This means sensibly keywording your descriptions, frequently adding fresh, relevant material, and incorporating engaging, high-quality graphic design, images, and videos.

In addition, make sure to claim your local Google business listing. This simple task can make big changes in your search engine ranking. Include updated information such as hours, and location, and make sure this information is consistent across any other listings you have placed online. Also, be sure to ask your patrons for reviews. They are often showcased in search engine results, and can bolster your ranking as well as your appeal.

You may also want to consider hiring local professionals (like us at Ad House!) to assist in you in the process. SEO isn’t something you can set and forget, it is a constantly evolving and changing influence on your success. There is always work that can be done in the world of search, and we’re here to help you accomplish your goals and turn hard work into profit, which SEO is just a small part of. Want to see the full picture and learn about the many benefits of online advertising? We’re here to answer your questions!

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