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Recent, and by some accounts, conservative reports estimate that nearly 40% of all time that Americans spend on the internet is on mobile devices. 61% of all adults in our country own a smartphone, and these percentages increase when you look at specific demographics, like adults aged 18-34, or those whose annual income is more than $50,000- both very desirable marketing sectors. With new programmatic and location based ads recently rolled out by social media giants and app developers, this could indicate a strong trend toward mobile online advertising. The importance of utilizing mobile advertising becomes more and more clear when you consider these trends, and look at the facts- we live in a world where smartphones will soon outnumber PCs!

If you’re not moving ahead you’re falling behind, so, what is mobile advertising and how can you make it work for you? Mobile advertising is simply advertising optimized for mobile devices- primarily smartphones and tablets. Mobile ads can come in many forms, such as ads on search engines, display ads on content websites, ads on social media apps, or as video on platforms such as YouTube. In short, mobile advertising is just as varied as any other form of digital marketing.

Ad House’s extensive expertise with Google AdWords has allowed us to optimize many of its functions for use on mobile devices. Sitelinks on search ads help you to connect with more customers by providing them with a link to the specific page they are interested in. AdWords algorithms are constantly evolving to deliver relevant content to users based on their search, so you can hone in on worthwhile prospective clients in the moments that matter. One such feature is location targeting services, that present users within a certain radius of your business with an ad that can help guide them to you with directions and precise mapping.

Crafting a strong social media presence can also help you to drive sales via mobile devices. Creating and maintaining a profile on channels such as Google + can help mobile users to find your location quickly and easily via search, which can, in turn, connect customers directly to your business.

When building a website, we account for the rapidly growing number of mobile internet surfers, and create a site that is fully scalable. This means that the website is responsive to how it is being accessed, and provides ease of navigation no matter the size of the screen. Added features for mobile web browsers include a click-to-call function directly from the website that allows customers to connect to your business with ease.

Want to know more about mobile advertising for your business? We have a staff of Google certified experts to answer any questions for you and show you how powerful digital advertising can be. Give us a call at (505) 404-3536 and let’s get started!