Unlocking Success: Embracing Summer Advertising & Marketing Strategies

By Published On: June 7th, 20231.2 min read
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Advertising and Marketing Strategies for the Summer

By Lucas Baca (Marketing Assistant)

Summer is usually seen as a time when advertisers tone down their spending and reach. But what if we told you there is an opportunity to succeed by doing the opposite?

While it’s commonly considered a “slow period” for advertisers, Ad House Advertising recognizes the summer season as an excellent opportunity to connect with highly engaged individuals through specific tactics.


During the summer, many online users have ample free time, presenting a perfect opportunity for retargeting as they move across the internet. With the right strategy, you can build brand awareness by reaching a specific audience. Focus on leveraging the power of Google Ads or Programmatic Display for this purpose. It is a cost-efficient yet robust tool that will enable you to identify high-volume, low-competition summer-related keywords to target.

Embracing Summer-Themed Content

Aligning your advertising with the current season is essential, especially during the summer. Incorporating a summer theme into your advertising can add a sense of fun and can be engaging.

Think about promoting a “sizzling” sale, holding an outdoor summer event, or perhaps even engaging with the local community and hosting something like a cleanup or shred day!  The latter of which can be cross-promoted on your own social channels to maximize its reach and impact.

Contact our certified experts at Ad House Advertising today for more tactics and information on enhancing your summer advertising and marketing efforts!


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