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Advertising is all about effectively communicating your brand’s value at the right moment. That’s why mobile video provides a perfect platform for advertising, and the ever increasing popularity of mobile phones is making right now the ideal time to get on board with mobile video ads. After all, if you’re not ahead of the curve, you’re behind it! Ad House Advertising is adept at digital advertising of all kinds, and has a Google certified TrueVideo Video Advertising expert on staff. We can handle the whole process, from crafting a message and video production, to targeting an audience and getting your ad online. Let’s look at how you can use mobile video for more impactful marketing.

Smartphones may have small screens, but those small screens can have a very big impact. Of individuals between the ages of 18 and 34, 81% own a smartphone, and 40% of the YouTube content that they consume is viewed on their mobile device. Additionally, reports indicate that the video content that is viewed on a phone is more likely to reach a viewer who is considerably less distracted than one who is, say watching television.

Mobile video is capturing consumers’ full attention, whether they are at home or on-the-go. The ability to reach people anywhere, at key moments in their online research, is a great tool for creating sales leads- the bulk of which now come from online sources. Advertising on YouTube channels generates tons of impressions across all devices, maximizing your potential reach while harnessing the power of mobile video.

And the true power of mobile video advertising is this- the synergy of the emotional impact of video through sight, sound, and motion, and the immediacy of a call to action that reaches viewers at a pivotal moment. At Ad House we’re doing more than simply building mobile video ad networks, but utilizing and expanding upon a whole marketing platform that will allow your brand to resonate with mobile consumers like never before. We even have a Google certified video expert on staff! From pay-per-click advertising to InStream video, we develop digital advertising of all kinds.We craft intelligent messages delivered in HD video with impact to drive engagement and purchase with measurable results. Get in touch to get your mobile ad campaign started today!


"Ad House Advertising has been an excellent company to work with. Their staff is professional and their work has taken our online advertising to the next level - increasing activity by triple digits. I highly recommend them often when speaking with other business owners or marketing professionals."

— W. Benson

"If there was a rating of 10 stars, they would get it from us!!! They are patient, kind, and willing to share new ideas and what works and what does not. Helping us launch a new website, managing our Facebook and Google ads, and really explaining the pros and cons and various categories that work. Worth their weight in gold."

— K. Fitzpatrick

"Ad House has done a fantastic job for my business. They are very professional and know advertising. Their work has generated an increase in good, quality clients for my business. "

— K Mayfield

"We rely on the Team at Ad House Advertising for all of our online presence and digital advertising. 
They are knowledgeable about marketing, about consumers, and they will do their very best to help your Company be a stand out in a circle of competitive noise."

— R. Rispoli

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