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Ad House Advertising, New Mexico’s first Google Partner digital agency, has integrated an expanded Programmatic Digital Demand Side Platform (DSP) technology platform for real-time bidding for clients’ online display media campaigns.

This highest-level digital buying platform provides Ad House access to approximately 97% of all online ad inventory, including premium channels and placements. In addition, it incorporates highly-targetable data research on consumer behavior from third-party data providers such as Experion, Mastercard, Forbes, Polk, TransUnion, and Nielsen.

The DSP integration allows maximum online reach to targeted prospects, strategic data incorporation, and lower cost per thousands (CPM) for the advertising dollar. This data is bid on across ad exchanges in real-time via a trading desk. When data about the user matches our target conditions, and Ad House wins the bid on ad unit auction, and the client’s corresponding ad is served to the user.

“As a DSP ad agency, we will be able to target, for example, a prospect who is in-market for a specific product or service, as well as to assign additional criteria such as credit score, household income, hobbies or interests, education level, and many more. For the advertiser, it means we can even more finely direct ads into the bullseye for each prospective product or service,” says Ed Smith, President of Ad House.

In comparison, advertisers using just the Google Display network might reach about 22% of available websites, and Google recently announced the end of interest-based targeting, which will broaden the audience that receives the Google-placed ad. “FBX, the Facebook exchange, includes inventory in the user’s newsfeed and on the side ad rail. Instead of using the Facebook ad platform, it’s placed via our system which lets us use our own improved targeting,” said Smith.

“Our software will also now report across combined platforms so that when we have ads running on Bing, Google, AOL, the Facebook newsfeed, and websites such as CarandDriver.com or USAToday.com, we see how many ads the average prospect is seeing,” he said.

The software will allow variances in remarketing, so that someone who visited your site a month ago could cost less to remarket to, versus someone who visited two hours ago.

“In our initial results for online clients, we are seeing more results for the ad dollar. Because targeting is based on much more granular research and we have deeper abilities to structure bidding, our clients’ digital ad campaigns are producing more leads within the same budget,” says Smith.

Ad House Advertising is a full-service advertising agency, providing online and on-air media campaigns among its client services. Ad House is the media division of Edit House Productions, LLC, a New Mexico owned company formed in 2000, and serves clients across the United States.