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Automotive Marketing

Our automotive marketing campaigns serve millions of ads each day to qualified prospects.

At Ad House, we never using cookie-cutter campaigns; your dealership achieves success through unique, highly-targeted ads that lead to increased sales.

Potential car buyers shop differently than they used to. If you are not utilizing integrated advertising solutions, you are missing opportunities. And if you’re using an OEM Preferred Provider, you’re paying more and getting less than that budget should produce.

Our integrated automotive marketing campaigns may include traditional media such as TV and radio, but today, our most successful dealerships’ media includes digital advertising (search, programmatic display, online video ads, CTV/OTT ads, as well as robust re-marketing) on desktop and mobile devices. Our locally-managed digital campaigns outperform cookie-cutter corporate campaigns and cost less per lead. We make sure to utilize every co-op dollar possible.

Some “Preferred Provider” agencies promoted by your manufacturer or your regional sales manager or market rep tout results such as a low $22 CPC (our average is under $4 for Search and Display). In Video ads online, we’ve seen pitches of a $55 CPM and a $22 CPC (ours averages under $10 CPM and under $2.50 CPC). Why? We don’t add multiple layers of mark-up to the ad cost itself.


Instead, you’ll deal directly with Google-certified Ad House staff who optimize your campaigns. We use the same programmatic platforms and real-time bidding, incorporating extensive data to target in-market automotive buyers in premium placement ad inventory.

As a full-service ad agency and video production company, we not only place the media buys, we produce the TV commercials—and make vital adjustments that create better online video view-through rates. We see direct mail, car shows and events, and third-party auto listing services as an occasional fit for some dealers.

In a nutshell, we’re stacking the deck to separate you from competitors and impact automotive buyers well before they step through your showroom doors.

We invite you to explore our portfolio and our marketing case studies. If growth and market share are your objectives, give us a call for a consultation.