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At Ad House Advertising, we are continually keeping up with ever-changing industry trends so we can offer the most innovative solutions to our clients. One of the ways we stay ahead of the curve is by attending Google Partner seminars. We invite business professionals in the community to come to learn with us. The most recent Google Seminar focused on real estate marketing for businesses online. Tom Ferry, a renowned educator in the field of real estate, was the speaker, and he shared some helpful strategies:

A home or investment property is a large purchase, and it calls for considerable research. In fact, 2 out of 3 buyers extensively research a real estate agent before reaching out to them. So when your potential customers are seeking out information, are you there to answer their questions? Are you a recognizable, trusted name in real estate in your community? An easy way to become the market leader in your community is to craft the best content. When people contact you, are there common questions that everyone asks you? Anticipate what your customers want to know, and create a short video answering those frequently asked questions. Or create walk-through video tours of the properties you have for sale. Tell a story about yourself and about your listings. The important thing is for people to get to know you and trust you.

Another bit of advice that Tom Ferry offered was “Do fewer things, but do them well.” Pick the channels that work for you. If your strategy on one platform is achieving results, but another isn’t, focus your energy on the one that works. A smarter, more defined channel strategy will be more effective than a substandard one. Target those who signal intent.

In addition to creating quality content, make sure that your website’s user experience is streamlined. Make it easy for potential clients to schedule appointments with you by using efficient forms. You want your potential customers to easily find anything they need on your website, whether they’re on mobile or desktop. And most importantly, when a potential client reaches out to you, “love every lead”.

Crafting the best content, streamlining your channel strategy, and following up on leads are all essential to any real estate professional’s marketing efforts. If you have any questions on how to create professional-quality video content, create an effective channel strategy, or streamline your user experience online, contact the experts at Ad House Advertising. We have experience working with clients in all verticals, not just real estate. We’d be happy to talk with you about your advertising and show you how we can help your business grow!

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