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Since 2000, Edit House Productions, LLC, and our media division, Ad House Advertising, have specialized in law enforcement recruitment campaigns. We have worked with many agencies to significantly boost academy graduation rates by using effective strategies and a deep understanding of the recruitment process.

Our well-designed digital campaigns are key to attracting qualified recruits to your website. We use the latest technology and analytics to effectively target potential candidates. We also integrate other media channels like radio and television commercials, outdoor billboards, website development, and printed materials to ensure a thorough approach.

Our services include detailed internet marketing campaigns that efficiently provide qualified candidates for the academy’s testing process. These campaigns reach a wide audience while keeping costs low. Online visitors to the website remain anonymous, so their gender, ethnicity, style of dress, or other personal factors are not visible. This anonymity ensures unbiased recruiting, helping to create a more diverse workforce.

We work closely with recruiters, offering recommendations to improve the website’s ability to attract applicants through our digital campaigns. This includes suggesting simple changes to enhance user experience and engagement, increasing the likelihood of application completion. Our collaborative approach ensures an effective and smooth recruitment process, helping law enforcement agencies meet their staffing goals more efficiently.

By combining our expertise in digital marketing with a strong commitment to our clients’ success, Edit House Productions, LLC, and Ad House Advertising deliver excellent results in law enforcement recruitment. We are dedicated to helping agencies build strong, capable, and diverse teams ready to serve their communities.

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Cost Savings – Top page results for law enforcement jobs are 80% cheaper per click than job boards. Google helps candidates find you when they’re actively seeking a career in law enforcement. Not only when your candidates are searching, but when they’re on YouTube and social media channels as well.


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Advertising For Law Enforcement Recruitment in New Mexico

Attracting qualified candidates to law enforcement positions in New Mexico requires strategic advertising tailored to reach the right audience. At Ad House Advertising, we specialize in developing effective recruitment campaigns for law enforcement agencies, ensuring that your message resonates with potential recruits and highlights the benefits of a career in law enforcement.

Understanding the motivations and concerns of prospective candidates is essential. We start by identifying the key demographics most likely to be interested in law enforcement careers, including recent graduates, veterans, and individuals seeking career changes. By leveraging data and insights, we create targeted advertising strategies that appeal to these groups, showcasing the opportunities and rewards of a career in law enforcement.

A multi-channel approach is crucial for successful recruitment. Our advertising solutions include digital campaigns, social media outreach, email marketing, and traditional media. Digital campaigns allow us to target specific demographics with precision, ensuring your message reaches those most likely to be interested. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are powerful tools for engaging with potential recruits, sharing success stories, and providing a glimpse into the daily life of law enforcement officers.

Email marketing is another effective tool, keeping potential candidates informed about recruitment events, application deadlines, and the benefits of joining the force. Regular newsletters and targeted email campaigns help maintain interest and encourage applications.

Traditional media, such as radio and print ads, remain important in reaching a broad audience. We create compelling ads that highlight the unique aspects of law enforcement careers, emphasizing job stability, community service, and the chance to make a difference.

Building a strong connection with potential recruits goes beyond advertising. We help you develop personalized engagement strategies, such as recruitment events, ride-along programs, and informational webinars. These initiatives provide firsthand experiences and insights into a law enforcement career, helping to build trust and interest among candidates.

Our data-driven approach ensures that recruitment campaigns are effective and adaptable. We continuously monitor and analyze campaign performance, making adjustments to optimize results and ensure resources are used efficiently.

Ad House Advertising’s expertise in law enforcement recruitment allows us to tailor strategies to meet the specific needs of your agency. Whether you’re looking to fill positions in urban or rural areas, we have the knowledge and resources to help you succeed. Partner with us to enhance your recruitment efforts, connect with qualified candidates, and build a strong law enforcement team in New Mexico. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your recruitment goals.

Joining Forces In Your Recruitment Efforts

Mobilize A Better Force, One Badge at a Time!

We are looking forward to hearing more about your business and marketing goals. Let us know your basic info and we will get back to you ASAP!

Joining Forces In Your Recruitment Efforts

Mobilize A Better Force, One Badge at a Time!

We are looking forward to hearing more about your business and marketing goals. Let us know your basic info and we will get back to you ASAP!