What is Connected TV?

By Published On: June 26th, 20181.5 min read
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Sometimes referred to as Over-the-Top (OTT) or CTV, Connected TV is an internet-connected TV streaming content. More and more households are parting ways with their traditional cable and opting to choose their content when they want it with CTV. At Ad House Advertising, we buy Connected TV for many of our clients because we believe it’s effective. Here’s why and how it works!

Traditional TV buying has been a great way to reach audiences for decades, but in recent years audiences have become more and more fragmented. Targeting your audience is based on reach and frequency within specific dayparts, and measurement is limited. In contrast, Connected TV uses first and third-party data to target just your most valuable viewers and households. Reach and frequency are fully measurable, and conversions are trackable. With Connected TV, you can truly understand the effectiveness of your advertising.

Media consumption is on the rise, but, not for all media types. Traditional television is on the decline, but the amount of time spent per day watching Connected TV increased by almost 40 percent between 2011 and 2015! By 2020, 78% of US households are predicted to own and use a Connected TV, while over 6 million households will cut their ties with cable or satellite.

With Connected TV, the media team at Ad House Advertising can ensure that your ads are shown to only your target audience, based on device, age, gender, household income, purchase intent and more. We can gain insights on the entire customer journey and attribute conversions to viewing your CTV commercial. Our goal is to get you the most for your advertising dollar, and so we use Connected TV to reach the extremely valuable, engaged and growing audience that would be missed on a traditional TV buy. Contact Ad House Advertising to learn more!

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