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Media Buying Expertise

Our experience with Ad House and Edit House has been outstanding. They are very organized and thorough with everything they do. I highly recommend them!  

B. Melloy

Client since 2003

We’ve Placed Media Buys In Most Major US TV Markets

Today’s changing media marketplace offers challenges to business owners. Are your prospective customers still watching broadcast TV or tuned to a local terrestrial radio station, or are they best found via digital marketing? As more young adults “cut the cord” and watch video via streaming services, or listen to audio apps, the traditional radio and TV schedules may not effectively speak to your prospective customers.

At Ad House, we’ve been buying broadcast ads for decades, and in most major markets across the US. We’re comfortable in negotiating rates, typically leveraging a 15-20% reduction in rates versus those stations offer a “direct” buyer. We’re also experienced in purchasing outdoor billboards, print, and other traditional mediums.

Our media buying also maximizes your time. After all, when your company grows to a certain point, would you do your own corporate taxes or represent yourself in a court of law? You’d probably choose the expertise of a professional who’s devoted their career to the ends-and-outs in those areas. Why? That expertise will provide your company with better results. And that’s what we do.

We offer live dashboards for client access, and we believe in transparency, separating our optimization fees from ad spend.

We buy millions in advertising each year; we know how to create the best results for your situation. And, we know when you’d be better served to put your budget to programmatic digital buys, including CTV/OTT—and we will inform you as to the real CPM rates for digital video ads. Be aware that your local media rep sells that inventory at highly inflated rates.

Because we buy so much airtime as an agency, we negotiate rates with stations, and make our commission from them, not from you. We buy airtime at a lower price, and then get paid out of that. Having our agency buy your broadcast airtime literally costs you less money.

Why Should Ad House Advertising Buy Your Broadcast Media?

  • ​It doesn’t cost you anything extra.
  • Get more exposure for your media dollar.
  • We tailor your media buy budget to better reach those who are most likely to purchase.
  • Not everyone is your potential customer– “image” packages and “rotators” seldom work.
  • Each medium (TV, Radio, Billboards, etc.) all have very different uses.

Our experience with Ad House and Edit House has been outstanding. They are very organized and thorough with everything they do. I highly recommend them!  

B. Melloy

Client since 2003

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Kim Smith

Owner, Digital and Broadcast Media Specialist
Former Broadcast Sales Manager; Aurora and Telly Awards for Writing

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Matt Orio

Marketing Coordinator
Broadcast, Print and Outdoor Media Buyer

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Danielle Vigil-Rodriguez 

Programmatic Display Manager, Client Account Manager
Google GSN, GDN, Digital Sales, Google Ads Measurement, Analytics, and GTM Certified


"If there was a rating of 10 stars, they would get it from us!!! They are patient, kind, and willing to share new ideas and what works and what does not. Helping us launch a new website, managing our Facebook and Google ads, and really explaining the pros and cons and various categories that work. Worth their weight in gold."

— K. Fitzpatrick

"Ad House Advertising has been an excellent company to work with. Their staff is professional and their work has taken our online advertising to the next level - increasing activity by triple digits. I highly recommend them often when speaking with other business owners or marketing professionals."

— W. Benson

"Ad House has done a fantastic job for my business. They are very professional and know advertising. Their work has generated an increase in good, quality clients for my business. "

— K Mayfield

"We rely on the Team at Ad House Advertising for all of our online presence and digital advertising. 
They are knowledgeable about marketing, about consumers, and they will do their very best to help your Company be a stand out in a circle of competitive noise."

— R. Rispoli

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