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Law Enforcement Recruitment

Our recruiting campaigns for law enforcement agencies have dramatically increased the number of applicants, allowing agencies to have a more highly-qualified pool of applicants and to increase their graduation numbers.

Digital ads were shown to finely-segmented prospective candidates. For law enforcement agencies with online applications, our campaigns brought 35% more applicants to the initial interest card or :application. For those that did apply, 51% did so on that first visit. Our remarketing ads retargeted those candidates who did not complete the application, adding additional prospects. We also produced videos for recruiting, to use as digital ads, social media posts, as links in the recruiters’ emails, and at job fairs or presentations. Using a video as a digital ad was roughly half-a-penny per impression to a likely candidate.

One agency increased their average graduation class size by 47%, also increasing the number of female graduates by 23%. When we began working with this client, the Academy Commander estimated that the average cost per application to the academy was well over $200. The cost per completed application from our digital campaigns began at $100/application, dropping to just $30/application during our four year contract.


More Applicants


More Graduates


Female Applicants