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The Issue: Melloy Dodge, a Dodge and Ram dealer, was seeing a decline in market share.

Our Approach: We’ve produced commercials for automotive dealerships since the early 1980s. We began producing TV and radio commercials for Melloy Dodge in 2003, but the media buys were handled internally or by another agency. In 2011, we were asked to assume media placement and all marketing duties.

Since then, we’ve added extensive online marketing to the media mix, far beyond the Search ads that most automotive dealers run. As a full-service ad agency and video production company, we’re easily able to revise the TV commercial to run on YouTube in highly-targeted ads (yes, video online ads should be produced differently from TV commercials to generate better click-throughs to the website).

We’ve created Spanish-language Search ads; a series of video ads with additional incentives for specific regions; developed a marketing strategy for Fleet; and used call tracking phone numbers to monitor the effectiveness of traditional media.

The Results: The dealership has been the #1 selling Dodge and Ram dealer in the state for 2012 and 2013, surpassing a much larger Dodge and Ram store. The increase in market share was achieved even while the overall budget was held stable.