Running AdWords? We’ll Audit & Find Your Missed Opportunities!

By Published On: February 26th, 20151.5 min read
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Google AdWords is easy to set up, but difficult to master.

Let us provide a free audit of your AdWords account! You’ll receive a professional consultation with a member of our Google-certified digital marketing staff. During this no-obligation secure audit, a few of the things we’ll cover are:

  • AdWords Spend. We’ll check for excessive and ineffecient spending. Remember, a click without a conversion is a cost without value.
  • Are you spending too much? A variety of issues within the AdWords network can be caused by being too aggressive with your bid. For example, a budget-capped campaign can generate significantly higher traffic by reducing your bids.
  • Missed Qualty Score Opportunities. Achieving a higher quality score is a great opportunity to be more competitive. Many advertisers react apropriately to low Quality Score keywords by reducing bids or pausing, but don’t fully utilize high ranking targets.
  • Lacking Data Integration. It is critical to make informed, data-driven decisions. We’ll check your data integrations to ensure you have access to insightful data from your website.

We Adamantly Value Transparency

A free audit sounds great, right? We have a few simple conditions:

  • This offer is only available for organizations who have not contacted us before. Ongoing consultation is available for agency clients.
  • Your data is private and will not be disclosed, captured, etc. or discussed with anyone but our staff. However, this non-contractual non-disclosure arrangement does not constitute an agency/client agreement in any way.
  • We’re not here to hound you or harass you with sales calls. We can go over the way our Google-certified staff manage accounts and the results our clients typically see, but the choice to partner with us is yours.
  • Your time is as valuable as ours. Every AdWords account is different. We can’t predict how long an audit will take, so please have some time available for us.

Matt Smith

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