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Google AdWords is easy to set up, but difficult to master.

Let us provide a free audit of your AdWords account! You’ll receive a professional consultation with a member of our Google-certified digital marketing staff. During this no-obligation secure audit, a few of the things we’ll cover are:

  • AdWords Spend. We’ll check for excessive and ineffecient spending. Remember, a click without a conversion is a cost without value.
  • Are you spending too much? A variety of issues within the AdWords network can be caused by being too aggressive with your bid. For example, a budget-capped campaign can generate significantly higher traffic by reducing your bids.
  • Missed Qualty Score Opportunities. Achieving a higher quality score is a great opportunity to be more competitive. Many advertisers react apropriately to low Quality Score keywords by reducing bids or pausing, but don’t fully utilize high ranking targets.
  • Lacking Data Integration. It is critical to make informed, data-driven decisions. We’ll check your data integrations to ensure you have access to insightful data from your website.

We Adamantly Value Transparency

A free audit sounds great, right? We have a few simple conditions:

  • This offer is only available for organizations who have not contacted us before. Ongoing consultation is available for agency clients.
  • Your data is private and will not be disclosed, captured, etc. or discussed with anyone but our staff. However, this non-contractual non-disclosure arrangement does not constitute an agency/client agreement in any way.
  • We’re not here to hound you or harass you with sales calls. We can go over the way our Google-certified staff manage accounts and the results our clients typically see, but the choice to partner with us is yours.
  • Your time is as valuable as ours. Every AdWords account is different. We can’t predict how long an audit will take, so please have some time available for us.