Celebrating Tradition and Culture: Marketing The Gathering of Nations

By Published On: March 26th, 20242.7 min read
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At Ad House Advertising, we love celebrating our clients! In the heart of Albuquerque, New Mexico, an annual event takes place that transcends borders, cultures, and traditions. The Gathering of Nations, the largest Native American Powwow in the world, has been a cornerstone of indigenous culture for over four decades. At Edit House Productions, LLC, and Ad House Advertising, we’re proud to be the creative marketing minds behind the advertising and television production for this extraordinary event, which brings together Native American tribes from around the globe.

A Rich History of Tradition

For 40 years, the Gathering of Nations has served as a beacon of cultural celebration, unity, and pride. Drawing in Native American tribes from across North America and beyond, The Gathering of Nations provides a platform for indigenous peoples to showcase their heritage through dance, music, art, and storytelling. From traditional powwow competitions to vibrant cultural exhibitions, the Gathering of Nations offers a unique opportunity to experience the richness and diversity of Native American culture.

Bringing the World to Albuquerque

What makes the Gathering of Nations truly remarkable is its ability to unite indigenous communities from around the world. While many attendees travel from nearby states and regions, some come from as far away as New Zealand, making the journey to Albuquerque to participate in this unparalleled cultural exchange. The Grand Entry is a must-see event, and attendees can enjoy the food vendors, arts and jewelry vendors, horse parade, and the crowning of Miss Indian World. As the advertising agency and television production company for The Gathering of Nations, Edit House Productions, LLC, and Ad House Advertising are honored to play a role in sharing this global celebration with audiences far and wide. Gathering of Nations

Broadcasting Tradition to the World

As The Gathering of Nations’ creative partners, Edit House Productions, LLC, and Ad House Advertising are responsible for producing broadcast and streaming commercials that capture the spirit and essence of the event. From captivating visuals to powerful storytelling, our commercials showcase the vibrant energy and cultural significance of the Gathering of Nations, inviting viewers from around the globe to experience the magic for themselves.

Innovative Marketing with Geofencing Technology

In addition to traditional advertising methods, Ad House Advertising employs innovative marketing techniques to reach potential attendees around the world through digital advertising. One such technique is the use of geofencing technology, which allows us to target specific geographic areas and roll out programmatic display ads to groups who may be interested in attending The Gathering of Nations. This includes reaching out to Native American communities in distant locations like New Zealand, Berlin, and London, inviting them to join in the celebration and experience the Gathering of Nations firsthand.

A Celebration of Unity and Diversity

At its core, the Gathering of Nations is more than just a powwow—it’s a celebration of unity, diversity, and cultural heritage. By bringing together indigenous peoples from around the world, The Gathering of Nations creates a space for dialogue, understanding, and appreciation of Native American traditions. As Edit House Productions, LLC and Ad House Advertising continue to collaborate with The Gathering of Nations, we’re honored to be a part of this extraordinary event and to share its message of unity and pride with audiences everywhere.

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